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Conversation Between SuXrys and .Miki~

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  1. You are only saying that since it isn't your mind that are completely destroyed right now... *sobs*
  2. *pat pat* it isnt too bad
  3. AAAAAAHHH!! Images in my head, get them away, get them away!!!

  4. buwahahahahaaha *commence epic get away music*
    >: D
  5. Oh noooOOoooooo you didn't... O__o *heavely eye twitching*
  6. You're back? O_O I was gone too :o xD
    welcome back ^^ and I will get you a present
  7. Mjeas, mjeas it has. But now Im back!

    So where is my present?
  8. O_O haiiii <3~~~
    How are you?? Its been far too long ^^
  9. Wiiillllcomess backs!!
  10. =D momma~
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