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Conversation Between SuXrys and Daken.

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  1. A little.They are not as sensitive as they was a few days ago, but I have a fan going on in the background in my room right now, so I don't hear it too much at the moment anyway.
  2. Awww, hope everything is okay soon~
  3. Well... lack of sleep. lol @___@ my tinnitus have been so loud these last days. Just thinks it's in one of those "periods" right now - hopefully it will be better in a few days after my ears have had some rest. But the strange things is that I havn't done anything special. It just came some days ago during the middle of the day, when I didn't do anything special. It just said "POOOOOOOOOOOIIIP!!" and then it became so much more louder. Really weird. Really dreadful if it won't go down and I have to continue my life with this volym.

    So.... to answer your question... not good. Not a fun answer perhaps but still. :[
  4. Friends, and life in general.
    And sleep. For some reason ive been sleeping a lot more than usual. xD
    How have you been lately?
  5. Lol, when then it was certainly a difference between those two! xD
    So besides becoming an uncle, what other things are taking up so much of your time?
  6. Well my other niece who is almost 3 now, she was 6 pounds when she was born.

    So yeah. And I guess not. xD
  7. She certainly didn't looked that chunky on the picture. :P Oh, Abigail that isn't such a common name now is it?
  8. She's a chunky one xD 8 pounds!!!
    And her name is going to be Abigail.
  9. Aaaw yes she is! Just look at those cheeks of hers! ^w^ She is adorable! What will she be named?

    Shes a cutie aint she?
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