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Conversation Between SuXrys and Dryaxx

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  1. Hmm, I'unno x3.. It kinda brightens up my day a little when I watch the show :3 ehehe -random hug- xD btw do you haves msn o w o?
  2. Why? Why are you joining the dark side and not staying with us old fashioned people!??!!! xD
  3. Actually, I've been a fan of the new MLP series for around a year now :3
  4. How I am? Well kind of bored to be honest. The only thing that I really have to do for the rest of the weekend is just alot of stuyding and writing school tasks and such and... well.. I can think of funnier things to kill my time with. >_x

    I see that you have changed your avatar, is everyone going nuts over that new My Little Pony serie these days or what?
  5. Yooo~ uuhm sorry I havn't talked for a year xD.. Been kinda spacing out lately and such >< -hugs- so, how ish you :3?
  6. Why not talking with a professional?
  7. Hmm, let's just call it 'further study' xD

    And nope, there's not really anyone I can see about my depression hehe > w <.. Been fighting it alone for several years, so it's okies though :3
  8. Im not sure I understand what you mean by the 11th grade. Is that the last year during the upper secondary school? Are you seeing someone to talk about your emotions btw?

    Also, never apology something like that to me.
  9. Rawr~ ... Sowwy for late reply > w <.. Been busy, fighting my depression lately > w <".. -hugs-

    So, how ish you :3?

    And I was just supposed to study 11th grade xD
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