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Conversation Between Derrick Remon and RyuTama

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  1. I watch Wolf like usual, and when I see votes for stupid reasons I dislike. Voting for death, for being the one who voted first, and that being the only true reason to vote for him instead of waiting to see why is stupid. That is my opinion only of course.
  2. y u dislikin'? ^___^
  3. Well I'm assuming this game will end within the next two or so days, and then Scruffy (who is hosting the next game) will most likely post sign ups before Christmas. He may wait to start the actual game though. I'll ask him.
  4. Maybe, depends on when the next one is.
  5. Yo dood. I see you in Wolf from time to time; you planning on joining the next one? We could use more players.
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