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Conversation Between LadyPSerenity and JinxiBear

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  1. i did look at the stickies. it was just a little bit confusing for me. idk, maybe i need to double re-read it. i just wanted to clarify that i read it right. again, i'm not use to these set of rules. before you had allowed anyone with an idea post whatever they wanted when they wanted and you would just pop in and give your opinion. either way, thanks Serenity.

    i'll try to get the rpg idea out to you by this weekend if not sooner, love. :P
  2. You have to follow the rules for approval.
    It requires you to submit a request for an RPG to me, and I will approve, deny or whatever. Just take a look at the stickied threads.
  3. Hello LadyPSerenity. Long time no chat.... quite literally. My old account from maybe 6 years ago was Okamichi. Meh. Bad memories lol. I use to be trolled a lot when that was around. Any who, I wanted to ask if I write in your inbox first about my story idea or if you still just let people make a new thread and see where it goes from there?
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