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Conversation Between Kaitou Ace and GameGeeks

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  1. You need to fix your avatar.
  2. Something's going on with images in a post on AG, mind taking a look. Already tried re-uploading it. Was working last night but now shows rel=lightbox> after the image url.
  3. Much obliged on that.
  4. Don't suppose you'd be will willing to restrict VG's new alias? Or at least take his ability to make threads away.
  5. Out of curiosity, what's up with search being disabled? Can't seem to find anything on it.
  6. Are point gains supposed to be random. One post nets me .38 and the very next one gives me 15.02.
  7. You have the best sig and avy I have ever seen.
  8. Think we could add point rewards to SOTW to try and get more people to enter?
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