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Conversation Between Kaitou Ace and Kaitou+

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  1. left you skype messages. Really important stuff.
  2. Shockingly enough, I am kaitou.ace on Skype.
  3. I have some ideas I want to share for AG. Mind sharing your Skype via PM and we shall talk when you're available?
  4. Aight so I submitted a review.
  5. Can I get my Kaitou+ username back, please?
  6. Ace, why is "keyboard" turning into leopard?

    I have to put a dash to cancel it out.

    EDIT; It seems to work here but not in the forums.
  7. Thank you, sir.
  8. >viewed my profile

    -still with the same username-

    It's a no then. >.>
  9. So dude...=3
  10. Reverse as in Kaitou+

    Thanks so much.
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