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Conversation Between Kaitou Ace and Gero50

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  1. Thanks for accepting my friend request.
  2. Hi there Ace. I have a question if you don't mind. I have been wanting to get into photography for a while. I recently started researching it more, and have found a good camera. My question is. Do you think I should upgrade to the CS5 for Photoshop or just stay on CS3.
  3. Hi Kaitou Ace,
    I wanted to wish you a happy new year. I know it is a couple days late but I didn't think it matters it is the thought that counts.
  4. Hello Mr. Ace, hope your night is going well.
  5. Oh I see well then that's a very good reason to keep it that way. I'm glad AF is going to have even more mods. I have quite a bit of experience with VBulltin so I am interested what sites use. I like the new shop mod (VBShop). I was wondering though, how come you decided to go with it over the other market system.
  6. Still installing new ones also. As for dark blue, mostly tradition, though I do use the forum in the dark a lot and light colors tend to be somewhat blinding then. AF/AG has been a dark blue colored forum since about 2001 now.
  7. I noticed you installed quite a few mods for af. I was wondering, what inspired the dark blue style for af forums.
  8. Thanks! It was mainly to make sure we didn't lose too many features from all the mods we had installed.
  9. Hi Ace I just wanted to say awesome work on the VBulltin upgrade and set up. I like the new af a lot. I was wondering about something though. How come you waited so long to upgrade.
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