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Conversation Between Rainbow Crash and Yoko Littner

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  1. You wouldn't bite the hand that feeds you right?

    *hands her donut*
  2. Stop being so tsun damn you.
  3. I hear ya. Having a job really absorbs forum activity out of you.

    I'm fine. Just wrapped up Kawai Complex~ I must admit, not bad.
  4. Pretty good. Pretty busy too. :/ But otherwise good. Lol. You?
  5. Hey, how are you my friend?
  6. You are NOT a failure as a women! Sure, you have a little below average cooking skills. Though, a guy will eventually fall in love with that said cooking.

    Did that you feel better or make it worse?

    Nisekoi is fun, haha. I gave it a 9/10 maybe? Who is your favorite character?
  7. This time it was undercooked.... I AM A FAILURE WOMAN!

    I've started to watch Nisekoi.. I was tired of waiting for nanana's treasure to release so I started to watch one week friends... Caught up on that, was tired of waiting for releases for both of them so I started watching Nisekoi... This time I'm watching it...very....slowly.... So I won't catch up as quick.. I hate waiting for new episodes.
  8. Well, going better this time?

    I'm fine. I need to finish Date a Live tonight. Ugh, 4 episodes in a row. Oh well.
  9. I'm trying to cook teriyaki noodles.. the last time I burned them...

    How are you?
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