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Conversation Between GrimStride™ and The_Angry_Princess

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  1. hey whats up
  2. Wow that is illegal in my country But hey i'm not judging.See ya around , my dinner just got ready
  3. well he's 4 yrs older and school is fine
  4. Ah that's nice ( ifeel like an old man ) . So you're 14 . How's school ? You have a boyfriend so that's a very good sign
  5. instant message
  6. i'm not very good with online terminology . What does " Iming" mean?
  7. Well my boyfriend is being slow Iming back
  8. yeah they do appear to be a big hit.I wouldn't have guessed they'd get that many posts in a couple of days.Anyway how are things on your end.Anything worth mentioning?
  9. thats what everybody thinks
  10. Watching "Monk" and checking out the forums.The 2 new forum games sure are a nice change of pace
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