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Conversation Between Ωmega and FluffyDango

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  1. Im not sure, I havent really heard from her in a while.

    And glad to hear you found something you love doing =D
  2. Oh wow, husband.
    I found Jaggy's DA, and it seems like she has gotten her own kids. Correct?
    I finally started working, after being pretty much unconcious for 8 years :P Worked at a kindergarten for 6 months, and now I'm working in another department in the same firm that owns the kindergarten. Wanted to see if I could manage to work with something other than kindergarten too, and I can. Good to have options right.
    But I'll try and get into school next year and get an education related to working with kids, since I loved that work. Finally have ambitions and a dream, feels good xD
  3. Not bad, not bad, been house hunting with my husband mostly. Yourself?
  4. ^^ (hope it's not all bad hehe)
    Yeah her. I found her after some searching.
    So, how's everything?
  5. Of course I do!
    And did you mean Jagan Eye or JAG [Just A Girl]? Well, either way both have not been active
  6. Heeeey Maru
    Des here. Do you remember me? :P
    Is that Jaggy girl still around?
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