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05-01-2010, 09:46 AM
I figure this belongs here. Or under the Games section.

So yes, I've been playing the Code Geass: Lost Colors PSP game for what must be ages now. I've basically figured there are three routes: the Britannian Soldier, the Black Knights, and just being a normal student.

First I did the black knights. Kept on using Geass, lost control of it, got approached by V.V., died. Turned into shiny sparkles. Roll ending credits, emotional Mozaiku Kakera.

Secondly went the way of the Britannian soldier. Met Cornelia. Got into inevitable battle with some Eleven, which btw is impossible to escape from because your character is stupidly brave. Gets destroyed. Big red Game Over. No song.

Thirdly, it's the one I'm trying out. The route of a normal student. Which means mostly hanging out with the student council members, and it is boring.

Apparently there are more exciting scenes like the trip to the hot spring, and getting slashed to death by Rolo. If anyone has played it before and is willing to help (I don't mind spoilers) I thank you in advance.

08-20-2010, 12:45 PM

Did someone say... Lost Colors?

Anyways... whoa? No you got it all wrong. Rai/whatever the name you chose starts off on Geass route. After finishing that route (Geass is the one with Rolo in it. As well as the only route with Mao in it) all the main routes (Kuro no Kishidan, All hail Britannia!!, Ashford route, etc)

And yes, The Lost Colors version of Mosaic Kakera is emotional. Gawd it makes me cry.

...I am Arbitres! The advocate of Rai Sumeragi. You ready for this? Good. Because I've been explaining Lost Colors for quite some time. Oh and before we start:

The translation project. Geass route has been finished and Eternal Dreamer has began to advance onward to the Kuro no Kishidan route, via Karen ending. With that nitbit out of the way, let's begin:

You are having trouble with the Live firing range, yes? Right when the crazy Brit tries to kill Rai? Yeah. I remember that one giving me problems too. It's , /\, X, /\, X, X, /\, X, /\

Narita: /\, (), (), X, X, X

Port Battle/Tokyo port battle: (), X, (), /\, [], Either choice, /\, [], either, /\

And the amazing pain in the *** called Fukuoka. PUT YA CLUB ON!


Fukuoka: /\, /\, /\, /\, /\, X, /\, /\, X

Special dispatch. I'll ask Yamiro how to do the Royal Guard and Pure Blood faction battles.

Man I could go on forever about Rai. No tl;dr for you though. Hope the battle detailed helped.