View Full Version : Tenchi Muyo! - I'm a pioneer

01-29-2010, 02:17 PM
I noticed a few minor errors in Rei-chan's submission:


Here my corrections:

"Did you know that I am a pioneer" --> no "that" in the opening line

"They tell you the things are" --> the way things are

"You'll cry out in joy" --> with joy

"Leaving all but the future for behind" --> far behind


I contacted Rei-chan to tell her about these slip ups, to which she responded that "typed up the words from the paper and that's what they say. =) I can't help that cause it's what they printed, hehe. ;P"

Well, I beg to differ. Simply because something is typed in a booklet of an official CD, doesn't mean the person who put the lyrics there, can't make mistakes. You can hear the lyrics for yourself and will come to the conclusion that, yes, they were infact misheard.
So there.

Sapere aude...