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12-19-2009, 06:17 PM

大地の希望 水面の証も

>In your shadow is something I can make out to be your smile
>My tear drops remain hidden as they are
>In the place of hope I compose the surface
>I don't really understand the concept of being alone

Your shadow reflects a smile
Hiding your teardrops
Knowing the hope of the earth and the proof of water
And the loneliness of the things you couldn't say

(The first two lines are linked, so 貴方の影 is the subject of 隠してる as well, and presumably 貴方 is the owner of the tears in question. The last two lines are just completely off.)

静かな夜に 鏡で映せば

>The small wounds of mine go along with the rhythm
>And to you I give the Melody of Truth
>In this quiet night, I outline the looking glass
>To you, I am your darkened sadness

My small secrets dissolve in the rhythm
This true melody is dedicated to you
In the quiet night, the figure reflected in the mirror
Is so much like you that it makes me sad

(秘密 is secrets, not wounds, and 溶かして is to melt or dissolve. I took some creative liberties with the last two lines, but the gist is that the singer is/looks like the person she's singing to, to the extent that it's sad (because she lacks her own identity). It makes sense in context. Anyway, that's being missed out on here, and 映せば and くらい particularly have been misinterpreted. The current translation also seems to go line-by-line a lot, which compounds the errors.)

Obviously that's not all there is, but I think that's as much as is necessary.