View Full Version : Favorite Inuyasha Villian, V2

08-23-2009, 11:08 AM
Okay, so whose everyone's favorite villain?

One thing I do NOT want to see is people saying, "Naraku cause I can't think of anyone else," or, "Sesshy cause he's hot." Don't post if you can't think of anyone and if you don't have a good reason, capiche?

My favorite would have to be...BANKOTSU! He was a villain who was different from everyone else, and in my mind, something very, very special. Unlike Naraku, he wasn't your two-dimensional bad guy. He was a man with a past, and he would've had a future. He cared about his companions and was extremely loyal to them, but was also brave and courageous. He was a great leader, but pretty laid back and rather adorably child-like in some parts. He was a GREAT fighter and if Inuyasha hadn't cheated, he would've been able to take him down. And this was all while being human, which makes him the strongest mortal in the world. So he is definitely my favorite. (In fact, I would much rather have the show center around him and the Band of Seven, that would be a lot more interesting)

I also like the rest of the Band of Seven. They were a group of original individuals who were loyal to each and could put up a dang good fight. In short, they were awesome.

Last, I really like Kagura. I LOVE that she's a wind witch...cause wind is awesome and I like her independence and just her plain kick. She was different from the other incarnations, also because she was the first.