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Discerning re-sa
07-08-2009, 12:07 PM
As any racing game enthusiast knows, the leading racing simulator games for each console (forza 3=xbox360, and GT5=PS3, respectively) are going to finally be released this Christmas season. For the GT fans, the release might have seemed more like a dream than a reality; having to wait more than four years since the release of GT4.
Both games promise a slew of new cars and features. From what can be gathered by the trailer, GT5 is going to have a variety of racing types: NASCAR, WRC, Formula 1, JGTC, roadracing, etc. The graphics appear to be on par or even better than the 'blue balls' release that was GT5 prologue. Here's a link to the official E3 trailer:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2uQ2ayvvWY As seen in GT5P though, the cars finally have an in-car view! Specific details pertaining to how many cars the game will have, what features from GT4 will be kept or changed, and even the exact release date have not been released, yet...
Forza Motorsport 3 will be released in late October. The developers have promised atleast 400 cars and 100 tracks. The graphics appear to be a large step up from the previous game, Forza 2. Turn 10 has also promised an in car view and several new features for beginner drivers, er players. A common complaint of 'newbs' to a simulator like Forza or GT is the difficulty of actually, well... finishing a race in some cases. To further aid beginners, Forza has added new driving aids. To keep newbs from careening into the wall on the first turn, an optional aid automatically applies the brakes if the player doesn't apply them early enough. They have also added a 'reset' button, similar to that used in GRID. All driving aids will be optional, so a hardened veteran can still test their skills with no electronic wizardry cradling them. Forza also promises new dynamic features like tire roll of the sidewall and violent crashes that can result in roll-overs. The auction house, extensive tuning options, and seemingly limitless painting options will remain as well. forzamotorsport.net is updated daily, to keep those who are interested in the loop.

Both GT5 and Forza3 look to be great achievements in the racing game genre. If GT5 doesn't spread themselves too thin with the variety of race types, they will make a masterpiece that will appeal to any petrol head. If Forza3 proves to be a game anyone can pick up and play, it will surely be a hit to a wide audience.
The question is, which will you be picking up this Christmas season?
I've already set aside $150, it's not cheap to buy two games these days.;)
Especially with ltd editions being available :banghead: (forza 3's ltd copy includes special edition cars and auction house perks).

Ryuuzaki HD
07-08-2009, 03:36 PM
I will definitly be getting Forza 3 mainly for online and auction house some of the design's people can do on that are amazing for Forza 2 and It's going to be even better on forza 3, also everything about the game just look's top quality and like they said it will be the definitive driving game of this gen and after playing Forza 2 it's hard to argue that the sequal won't be.