View Full Version : Anyone here played Rune Factory?

Ipsilon V
06-21-2009, 02:39 AM
I recently got Rune Factory: Frontier for the wii... I spent half the price since I split the tag with my sister. Now, I played Harvest moon before, and even though it was cool, I never really got into it.

That said, I found Rune Factory: Frontier to be an awesome game. I played it for 30 hours already, and still am not even half way there. I wanted to know if anyone here has played it, and what you guys think. I also want to highly recommend it to almost anyone, but mostly at the more mature audience since that is what seems to be the group that has enjoyed this game so much.

This is probably one of the most underrated, yet most complete games in the last few years. It mixes elements of many different genres to create a very immersive experience. It has RPG, action, farming, crafting, some dating-sim type thing, etc. The graphics are Animeish.. which is why a lot of people are put off, but they still hold amazingly. IGN gave it a great score, and this is one they didn't screw up. It's extremely relaxing, and extremely entertaining. You can finish it in the time you want, if you wanna finish it fast or slow, it's really up to you.

It sucks to see such an amazing game get so little attention, since it probably means that there will be no sequel. This piece of software is easily worth 200bucks, and you get it for 50. It has been one of the best buys for the Wii I've done. This is one of those jewels N64 had, which got little attention, but then everyone played it in the emulator. You should really check it out.

Anyways, post your experiences here, as for me.. It relaxes me as hell, every time I get tense I play that game. And the girl I chose was my neighbor.. although I don't get too much into the relationship thing. Oh, and my favorite pet is the wolf, I leveled him up, he does crazy damage.. more than my crappy sword anyways. And riding him everywhere is so much faster than running :/. Yeah, I'm lazy.