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05-26-2009, 10:16 PM

I made this guide because all the other support cleric guides have the same build and I have tested out my own build, which works very well. There is also a whole ton of battle cleric guides, but little on the general job of general clerics-support.


The Cleric is a magical class with supportive powers. But because Clerics focus most on spirit, their constitution is extremely low unless you go con or have enough gold to spam your weapon with gems and get good armour. However, they are the easiest class to find a party extremely at higher levels. Being a cleric means you will get used to seeing that green light all the time.

Pros: easier to find party than battle clerics
-less fighting action so you are mobbed less often than the fighters that walk in the front
-loved by all classes, and also dead people
-effective plvler. though you kill slower, you should be able to 2-3 hit KO monsters around 10 levels below you. when you noob is dying, you can heal!!and
if hes dead, you can revive!
-easier party finding due to the small amount of support clerics
-you hear lots of thanks or ty when you randomly buff people

Con: -your defence is worse than paper at early levels
-you get blamed when a party member dies
-PvP is like a dream to you
-impossible to level without party ( other than 1 stage that i will mention)
-not wanted by some people at lower levels


I would reccomend Ami because of caps

Lets get to the real stuff. Though Shaitan is the city for herbalists, I reccommend starting in Argent, because its the most crowed and looks better than deserts or snowfield. I tried to level in Shaitan and I got so bored of the background. because of the huge population, you can chat with people and sometimes even get some prize catch!

MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO AT LV 1: don't start the quest YET. Get a MENTOR!!! I know you are thinking that people plvl for free when you become ther disciples, but EVERY TIME YOU LEVEL UP WITH A MENTOR, YOU GET A MINI AMP. they sell for 3k and you will get the pvling money from selling them.

Second thing to do when you are lv 1: GET STAR OF UNITY FROM NEWBIE GUIDE. it stores extra exp when you solo but does not take away from it. when you level with a lower level, i believe 15 levels lower in your party, you get x3 exp which is subtracted from the star. and when you are lvl 41, you can redeem it for a level 50 weapon.

Now, do the newbie quests and finish the series. then here's the good part. I know it sounds crazy, but start killing shrubs. go to the argent grocer, then start the snowball fight quest. ( it might be gone later ) you will be required to kill 20 shrubs. after you do so, return to him to get snowballs, which you sell and get 300g. not really required if you have a main character that can just kill everything for the newbie and give him money. so you kill shrubs and collect the ELVEN FRUITS. everytime you kill 20 shrubs, go back and restart the quest. do this until you have collected 70 eleven fruits and 3 medicated grass (NOTE

HRUBS DO DROP MEDICATED GRASS, JUST NOT SO OFTEN), which is not easy but not hard either. you should be level 10. from the snowballs, you should have around 5k. now go teleport to Shaitan, which is free at level 10. and do the herbalist quest, which is triggered by talking to the newbie guide and selecting herbalist promotion. go get someone to help you kill it, as you will find it useless trying to kill them by hitting 4s.

then the second part of the quest will require you to kill lvl 10 lizards to get 3 medicated grasses. aren't glad you got them from lvl 1s? then finish the quest. now, go buy the folowing skillbooks if you are following my build: spiritual bolt, harden, vigor. if you don't have enough money, just go do a round of herbalist quests from Fat Priest Gannon, then buy it. I reccomend you to do this because you save time and money you use to come back here to buy the skills. you are now ready to start.

The Build-

This is only my build, which you can ignore if you want.

Stats-Pure spirit until 75 Spr, which can be reached at level 41. then start pumping con to 50, then max sprit. max con next.

Skills- in order and description

Spiritual Bolt 1-you are going to solo this level most likely, as people this level won't need much healing.
Heal 1- for healing yourself
Spiritual Bot 2-better damage
Vigor 1-Heal 1 is all you need right now.
Vigor 2-
vigor 3-
vigor 4-
vigor 5-
heal 2-
heal 3-
harden 1-
harden 2-
harden 3-
vigor 6-
vigor 7-
vigor 8-
save the rest to have 15 skill points at level 40.

40-All perquisites of energy shield then energy shield level 8.

Now, you should max energy shield first, then either go max hard, or get revival, or get spiritual fire and other parts. However, I would recommend leaving healing springs to a later time.

The Leveling

1-10: see the "Starting" part
10-18: go kill bear cubs near abandoned mine haven. they don't give much exp but you don't have to sit and you kill them really fast.
18-25: party people at the kangaroos east of Andes Haven. you can teleport to rockery from the mine then from there to Andes. don't forget to record spawn
25-30:party at Grassland Elks and White Owlies because they drop Night Owl Caps.
30-35: Party at Silver Mine 1
35:40: party at silver mine 2
40-45:solo silver mine 2 or party silver mine 3
45-50: party at treants
50 : up to you, too many choices

The Equipment

Chests to level 35, but start looking for lvl 35 herbalist unseals at earlier levels. buy them then sell the level 35 equipment you get from chests.

get some level 20 muffs (gloves) and any shoes that give good defence. the ones you buy from tailer don't so it doesn't really matter because it only gives dodge which is pretty much useless to a cleric. get level 40 muffs for cleric.

Go get the star of unity weapon and use it if you are lucky and get a good one.

lvl 50. u can use the star of unity weapon but you can also go for Evanescene Chests
lvl 60. Enigma

Putting it all together

-you will have harden right when you start to pary at kangaroos because its when people start needing buffs.
-you can solo mine 2 at level 40 thanks to energy shield and your 1.6k sp
-you needed that 70 elven fruits because 60 is for making elven fruit juices by going to tool-ouya in Shaitan and he will make 1 juice with 10 fruits and 1 glass. this is for herbalist promotion. the other 10 is for story quest "Food For the Navy"
-You will get the 4 panceas for the promotion when you fight in the mine.
see how everything is planned out?!
-the spiritual bolt is for spiritual fire and story quests. it is hard to find a party to go do story quests with you and it is hard to kill with normal attacks
-getting Energy Shield at a early level will increase your survivability so you can focus on healing

I hope it can help you. It comes from www.gameci.com (http://www.gameci.com) .:)

07-12-2009, 03:47 PM
Excellent guide! although i would suggest if your support wouldnt you want to have heal maxed and then vigor maxed.
Also mine 1 is always crowded i believe it would be easier to level up at mad boars to the west of andes haven, or even at man eating spiders, north of chaos haven in shaitan.