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B Gundam
12-05-2008, 03:39 AM
Please do not post without thinking and/or informing yourself! This is supposed to be a somewhat intellectual discussion, please plausibly explain your thoughts on possibilities and outcomes. If you are unfamiliar with either character (since this is the DN board most likely Yoshikage Kira), refer to their Profiles. Analyse their abilities and personalities and attempt to deduct the outcome if they should come in conflict with eachother.



-Neither knows the Identity of the other
-Light wants to bring yoshikage Kira to Justice, but does not know his face or name, only that he is a Mass Murderer.
-Yoshikage Kira wants to remove "Kira" and "L" in order to live his life undisturbed, but does not know of the identity of either.
-Neither know of eachother's abilities.

Victory Condition: Death/Captivity of Opponent

Special Victory Conditions:

Light: Light becomes absolute God to everyone in the World
Kira: Kira takes Misa's hand as his girlfriend

Starting Conditions:

Light: Light is currently in the state in which he faces off Near, but Near and Mello are considered non-existant, he has caught attention of an unsolved Mass Murder incident in Morioh Cho and attempts to bring the culprit to justice. Ryuk is Neutral as usual. Due to the members of the Japanese Police his actions as "Kira" are limited, but can make use of Mikami and Misa Misa. Light is assumed unable to kill any of his police subordinates at any time (this does not include Misa or Mikami). Light cannot contact the Ghost of Morioh Cho and therefore can only know about unsolved murderer cases without further evidence.

Kira (Yoshikage): Yoshikage Kira still possesses his 1st Identity (Yoshikage Kira) and can use Cinderella ONCE (he must kill her after) in order to change his identity, in which case his identity is transfered. The guardians of Morioh Cho (Josuke, Okuyasu, etc) as well as the complete Speedwagon Foundation and Joestar bloodline are none existent. Yoshihiro Kira possesses Atomic Heart Father and does the dirty work, but does not possess the Arrow. Also, he starts out with all his stand powers, meaning he posseses Another One Bites the Dust and Stray Cat from teh beginning on.

"I will be the God of the New World"

Light Yagami and Ryuk

Name: Light Yagami
Alias: Kira, L
Occupation: Student, Head of Investigation Team
Origin: Death Note
Goal: Find out who the Mass Murderer of Morioh cho is and kill him


Light is highly intelligent and has a sharp and quick mind. He is familiar with police work and has outstanding abilities of deduction and manipulation. His grades are, of course top notch and his talents as well as outward appearance makes him very appealing to the opposite gender, which he knows very well to exploit. He also has a strong sense of justice, however, is quite ruthless in achieving his goals and absolutely hates losing. He wishes to become a God and bring justice to the World and rule it as long as possible (thus, forfeiting the eyes of a Death God if possible)


Death Note:
Kira possesses the Death Note of Ryuk, which he picked up, making him the owner of the Death Note.


-The human whose name is written in this note shall die.
-This note will not take effect unless the writer has the persons face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.
-If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds of writing the persons name, it will happen.
-If the cause of death is not specified the person will simply die of a heart attack.
-After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.
-This note shall become the property of the human world, once it touches the ground on (arrival in) the human world.
-The owner of the note can recognize the image and voice of its original owner, i.e. a god of death.
-The human who uses this note can neither go to Heaven nor Hell.
-If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds after writing the cause of death will be a heart attack, the time of death can be manipulated, and the time can go into effect within 40 seconds after writing the name.
-The human who touches the DEATH NOTE can recognise the image and voice of its original owner, a god of death, even if the human is not the owner of the note.
-The conditions for death will not be realized unless it is physically possible for that human or it is reasonably assumed to be carried out by that human.
-The specific scope of the condition for death is not known to the gods of death, either. So, you must examine and find out.
-One page taken from the DEATH NOTE, or even a fragment of the page, contains the full effects of the note.
-The instrument to write with can be anything, (e.g. cosmetics, blood, etc) as long as it can write directly onto the note and remains as legible letters.

Fake Rules:

-If the owner of the Death Note does not kill with the Death Note within 13 days of the last entry, he or she will die.
-If the Death Note is burned, destroyed, or otherwise damaged in any way, all those who have touched that Death Note will die.

Involved People:

-L's former investigation team (Allies/Enemies): Though they are technically his enemies, they think Light is their ally and treat him as the new L. Light can use them, but they also limit his actions as he may not reveal himself as Kira. He has a Death Note which is kept safe in the Headquarters.

-Misa Misa (Ally): In love with Light and somewhat a ditz, would give her life for him and can gain the eyes of a Death God. However, her clingy and rebellious attitude as well as her limited intelligence scale down her actual usefulness. May not posses the DN simmultaniously to Mikami.

-Mikami Teru (Ally): Absolutely obeys Light as his God. Is highly intelligent, clean and uptight. He also has a Death Note. May not posses the DN simmultaniously to Misa Misa.

-Ryuk (Neutral): He is simply a spectator, but might be convinced to do something if it removes a nuisance to him. Will not help Light in a pinch in any way.

"I just want to lead a normal life..."

Yoshikage Kira and Killer Queen

Name: Yoshikage Kira
Alias: Mr. Kawajiri
Occupation: Employee, Mass Murderer
Origin: Jojo's Bizarre Adventures 4: Daimond is Unbreakable
Goal: Find the God "Kira"s identity and kill him before he gets punished.


Yoshikage Kira lives in a slightly rural town called Morioh Cho, is Highly intelligent and his talent excels in many ways. However, he absolutely will not show it. He purposely does not achieve top scores or ranks at anything in order to avoid the spotlight. In his whole life, he has never been centre of attention to anyone nor did he ever attract attention in any way. Although he is attractive, he avoids people in general. Nobody knows any details about him. In private, Yoshikage Kira has two notable habits:

-His Fingernails grow exceptionally fast, he cuts them frequently, the faster they grow, the more "luckier" he thinks of himself. His cut finernails arre carefully stored and the length is documented in a notebook.

-He is aroused by female hands and kills women because of it. This started as he saw the portrait of the Mona Lisa and popped a boner (I am not making this up) while looking at her hands. He is not interested in women in the conventional way, he will only kill them for one of their hands, which he will keep with him, treating it as his "girlfriend" (talks to it, even goes out on "dates"). If a hand begins to rot, Yoshikage Kira will search for his next victim.

Should there be anything endangering Yoshikage Kira's "normal" life, such as giving him unwanted attention, preventing him from murdering women or even revealing him, he will stop at nothing to remove the said obstacle.



Yoshikage Kira is a Stand User, his spirit has been personified into a supernatural entity. His Stand's name is Killer Queen.

Stand Rules:

-A person's stand is the personification of their will and spirit, therefore, the Stand is equivalent to the person's soul and will take the same damage as the person and vice versa. Everything the Stand perceves is also percieved by the User. The only exception to this are automatic Stands, which will not transfer damage, but the user will not know what it is doing and also has no control over it.
-The overall power of a Stand is limited. As general rule of thumb, a Stand with Super Strength and absolute precision cannot distance itself from its user more than approximately 1-3 metres, while a physically weak Stand may move further. The only exception to this are Automatic Stand abilities, which can be virtually invulnerable and distance themselves from the user, but cannot be controlled and usually follow a simple automatic pattern of actions.
-Each stand has in addition to their possible combat capacity one or more unique abilities which fit the user.
-Anyone may only posses one Stand at any time, however, some Stands may have multiple bodies.

Killer Queen's Abilities:

Bomb #1: Killer Queen

-Killer Queen is a close range Stand, it cannot distance itself from Yoshikage Kira, but has superhuman strength and precision.
-Whatever Killer Queen touches becomes a Bomb.
-There may be only one bomb created in this fashion
-The bomb is set off or released at will
-In order to set off the bomb, Killer Queen must press his thumb down like pressing a button.
-Whatever is affected by the bomb will not get splattered into a bloody mess as with conventional bombs, but will desintegrate. Not even molecules are left over from the bombed entities (this is how Kira kills people without leaving a trace)

Bomb #2: Sheer Heart Attack

-Sheer Heart attack is not a second stand, but a part of Killer Queen. It is actually a piece of Killer Queen's left hand. When detached, it takes form of a roundish miniature vehicule.
-Sheer Heart Attack is an automatic Stand. Yoshikage Kira will not know what it does. However, since Killer Queen itself is not an automatic Stand, anything inflicted on Sheer Heart Attack will also be inflicted on Killer Queen's/Yoshikage Kira's left hand.
-Sheer Heart Attack is indestructable and cannot be harmed or even slightly damaged by any force.
-Sheer Heart Attack attacks by blowing itself up, but the explosion occures without damaging Sheer Heart Attack itself.
-Sheer Heart Attack does not have any form of actual intelligence. It will simply attack whatever has the highest temperature around while saying "Look my way!". If one finds this out, Sheer Heart Attack becomes quite easy to escape from, provided the surroundings offer plausible options.

Bomb #3: Another One Bites the Dust

-Another One Bites the Dust is a part of Killer Queen. However, it cannot be identified as body part as it has no physical body.
-Another One Bites the Dust is an automatic Stand. Yoshikage Kira knows nothing of it whereabouts and/or activities.
-In order to work, Another One Bites the Dust must be designated to a target which knows about Yoshikage Kira's identity.
-Only one target may be designated.
-Another One Bites the Dust will protect its designated target from any harm.
-If Another One Bites the Dust's target meets anyone who inquires about Kira in any way, that person will die.
-If Another One Bites the dust kills a victim, it will reset time, the day will begin anew.
-Other than Another One Bites the Dust's target, noone, not even Yoshikage Kira himself will notice that the day has reset.
-If a Victim was killed by Another One Bites the Dust, they will be revived but only be killed at the same time on the reset day, except time will flow on normally this time unless another person is killed during the day. A day will only end normally if there are no additional victims of Another One Bites the Dust.
-Other than the actions of the target and Yoshikage Kira himself, everything that happens on a day will also happen on a reset day.

Stray Cat:

-The Stand Stray Cat does not belong to Yoshikage Kira. It belongs to Tama, a Stray Cat which died and got revived as a flower, which was apparantly part of its Stand's ability.
-Stray Cat has no Physical Body.
-Since the user of Stray Cat is a plant, it requires sunlight to function.
-Stray cat can control air in a radius of several metres. This includes using air to cut things, or allocate oxygen.
-If Killer Queen touches a mass of allocated oxygen, that Oxygen blob becomes Bomb # 1 and can be moved by Stray Cat while Yoshikage Kira can choose when it will detonate. However, since the Blob is invisible (its air after all), Kira can only guess when to set it off.
-Since a blob of air is still air, it cannot be blocked with something thats not completely airshut and will simply pass through any permeable obstacle.


-The Stand cinderella does not belong to Yoshikage Kira, it belongs to a local citizen of Morioh Cho, Aya, who works in a beauty Parlor.
-Cinderella has no combat capacity.
-Cinderella can take away or replace facial features, fingerprints or even the Identity of a person.
-Cinderella can transfer the identity of a person to a different person.
-Changes made by Cinderella can be undone, but remain after Aya's death.

Involved People:

-Yoshihiro Kira (Ally): Yoshihiro is Yoshikage's deceased father. However, the soul of his father continues to exist in a photograph, this comes from the Stand ability of Toshihiro: Atomic Heart Father. He is only able to manipulate whatever is on the picture. He can however, extent parts outside of the picture (such as use a thread to bind onto things or animals and move around). He himself cannot leave the picture. He wishes for his Son to lead an undisturbed life and will do anything in his power to protect Yoshikage Kira's Identity.

-Tama (Ally): A Stray Cat which is a Stand user, it died and revived as a Flower, and has the ability to manipulate air. Yoshikage Kira can carry it into battle in order to profit from its Stand ability, Stray Cat.

-Aya (Neutral): Aya is the employee of a beauty parlor in Morioh Cho and Stand User, her Stand is Cinderella. Yoshikage Kira can force her to transfer his identity to Mr. Kawajiri once, this will effectively let him escape the Death Note, should he be endangered but not yet killed. as his Identity will change into a different body, including his face. However, he must kill Aya afterwards in order to protect his identity and thus will not be able to repeat the process (wether his enemies know this is another question, however).

-Shinobu Kawajiri (Neutral): The wife of the former Mr. Kawajiri, should Yoshikage Kira change identity, she will fall in love with him anew (she ceased to love the real one). Yoshikage Kira cannot kill her and will even protect her at times (but rationalize that her death will only cause attention to be drawn) and cannot act all too freely.

-Hayato Kawajiri (Enemy): The son of the former Mr. Kawajiri, gifted with a sharp mind. Should Yoshikage Kira change identity, he will notice that his father has changed and begin to investigate on him. Should he find out about his father murdering people, he will attempt to find help. However, in the original story, Yoshikage Kira prevents this by implanting Another One Bites the Dust to him.