View Full Version : The far-fetched parts...

08-11-2008, 12:21 PM
What things did you find extremely fat-fetched in this series?

1) Light's character: It really lacks any depth. He doesn't seem to have any realistic dreams or desires in his life. He has everything going for him. Why he cares about establishing some Utopia is never explained. He just wants it and that is it?

2) Light/L/Near/Mello's intelligence: You basically have four young dudes which are more intelligent that every other detective in the world. Give me a break.

3) L's suspicion of Light: The fact that he still suspects him after the whole surveillance thing is beyond what's logical and sane. I also find it very fishy how L is surprised to hear the world "Death God" from Kira 2 when it could easily be a metaphor and you compare it to the other stuff that goes on in the series.

4) Misa: I can see how she'd be infatuated with Light in the short term. However there is no female on this earth who wouldn't become a total nag after living with Light as much as Misa has.