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Light Buster
07-26-2008, 05:37 PM
(Okay, here goes, if anything is wrong, let me know.)


1400 hours
Alantic Ocean
Imbound to Empire State Building.
Sending in Echo Squad to contain terrorist breakout.

"So we're heading to NYC to contain a terrorist situation?" said a voice in the helicopter. "Yes,"said the other voice. "They tooken two hostages and rigged the first floor with explosives. We need you to go in, rescue the hostages, and disarm the bomb." The first voice began to speak up, "Why just send in a SWAT team instead?" the other voice spoke up. "They know every SWAT tactic we have. We need something new to keep them guessing."

"What is that new thing?"
"That will be you."

A tower loomed in the distance. It was the Empire State Building. "We're here. Prepare to deploy." As the helicopter made its landing in a plaza next to a building, another helicopter landed next to it. A figure stepped out of the helicopter. It was a male soilder. We had a fine tanned skin with streaking silver hair and shining gold eyes. He carried a M4 with attachments set on every part of the gun.

"Captain Takashi," said someone on the com. "You'll be joined by 4 more companians, get used to them as they will help you out on this mission and any further operations." Takashi loaded his M4 and prepared for combat. Two more soilders came out of the other helicopter. Where's the other two? Are they late? Have they been deployed else where around the Empire State Building? Takashi can't think about the other two now. He has to get on with the mission with what he's got.

He moved to the two soilders. He felt something from the two. He knew something. "Captian Takashi," said the one with a head mask on. He move toward Takashi and he held his hand "Sgt. Jason reporting, good to be working with you." As Takashi shook hands with Jason, he noted the blue eyes that came from Jason. "And I'm Second Sergent Hetor," said the other soilder next to Jason. Hector had warm orange hair and daring brown eyes. Takashi shook hands with Hector as well. As the helicopters left, Takashi gave them their very first order. "Squad stack up...we have lives to save."