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Ok, starting here I will begin posting chapters in clusters to keep it together. I will start with chapter nine and go from here. It will go up to Chapter 12. I will post 9 and 10 now, and 11 and 12 on this tread later. I apologize for the shortness of 10 and the longness of 9. There was no other way I could break it up. Enjoy ^__^!

Chapter Nine:

"Who are you!?" exclaimed a surprized Gaara.

"That is not important," said the boy, "But if you must know, my name is Urami."

He pulled his hand out of his bag, holding a small brown ball. A bomb.

"You're the bomber!?" asked Gaara.

"Oh, we've got a smart one," said Urami, throwing a bomb in the air.


What was one bomb multipiled to a hundred. They filled the sky like an ominous cloud. Gaara pulled up a sand dome a held Suna close, making the sheild as small and dense as possible. The bombs hit the ground mercilessly, throwing smoke into the air.

Urami sneeres, thinking he had succeded in killing them. However, when the smoke cleared, he bacame enraged. Gaara and Suna were unscathed, and they were ready to fight.

"You are formidable," said Urami.

"Yeah," said Gaara, lifting some sand into the air, "They all say that."

He blasted the sand at Urami, who jumped into the air to avoid it. In mid air, Urami threw up three more bombs.


Gaara barely had time to return his sand to a shield before the blasts reached them.

"Gaara," whispered Suna inside the sheild, "You need to free me up to contact Yume."

"Alright," he replied.

Gaara released the sheild and Suna jumped back, skidding to a stop just inside hthe smallest waves of the ocean.

"YUME NAMIDA!" she called.

There was a fash of gold befor Gaara heard her call again.

"HENKA NO JUSTU: SHI SHI NO MAI!!"(art of transformation: dance of the lion)

Standing next to Suna was not the small cat that Gaara knew, but a large cougar. It was Yume, but he looked more adult. The hair on his head was longer and it fell into his face like bangs, and his dazzling blue eyes were uch more protective.

"So this is your jutsu," said Urami, "Seems impressive."

"You'll see soon enough," said Suna with a smile, "Gaara get over here!"

Gaara backed up to join her.

"TSUME NO MAI!! CLAW DANCE!!" she called.

Yume lunged at Urami and slashed at him, only the slash was filled with dense, visible chakra. Urami was knocked back. He stumbled and fell.

"Very impressive," he panted, "But let's see if you can face this!!"

He pulled a much larger bomb from his bag and threw it into the air.


Gaara tried to pull up some sand, but the sand around him was wet from the waves. The bomb fell. Gaara grabbed Suna and body flickered away. The smoke was so dense that he was able to make an escape. When the smoke cleared, Urami was enraged. He had lost them. He had let them escape.

Chapter 10:

Yume wandered through the forest, looking for Suna and Gaara. He sniffed the air. They were close. They had managed to escape, but he was worried that Suna was hurt. He ran through some bushed and found Gaara. He had been walking through the trees supporting an unconcious Suna.

"Yume," exclaimed Gaara as he layed Suna against a tree. She had been knocked unconscious by the bomb before Gaar could escape.

There was a small puff of smoke and Yume was back to his original size. He trotted over to Suna and climbed into her lap. He sniffed her hair, what's wrong with her?

"She'll be Ok," he said and the tiny creature looked up at him. He sat down, leaning against a tree with his head in his hands. He sighed. He had not brought his gourd with him. What a stupid mistake.

He gasped and looked down to see that Yume had crawled into his lap and was looing up at him with sad eyes.

"Ok, Yume," said Gaara, "We've got to get out of here."

Gaara picked up the tiny creature, who crawled up into his shoulder, looking at Suna. He walked to a cliffside just outside the trees. There was no one there and the cliffs led to a sheer drop to the ocean. He looked for a place to hide. Then he saw it, an old barge that had run aground 100 feet from the shoreline. There were quite a few old barges in the area so it would not be completely obvious.

He turned around and took Suna into his arms. He found a trail down the cliffs and walked down to the water's edge. Using the water walking technique, he made his way to the barge and to safety.

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I like it^^ really good.

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Hello! So here is 11. I want to thank Karsh. The only person who seems to want to give me any criticism. Thanks for your help! Oh, yeah, here's tha rediculously long flashback I mentioned:banghead: , but don't wory. It's only two chapters long:banghead: (sarcasm).

Chapter 11:


Urami had searched the coast up and down, and there was no sign of his target, Gaara.

"I will not allow this to happen, brother," he said, "You wil not suceed!"

:banghead: FLASHBACK MODE:banghead: (12 years ago, Gaara's 14 in this fanfic)

The tiny boy ran ran to the door of his brother's room.

"What do you want, Urami?" asked his brother. He had straight blond hair that came midway down his neck and fell over his left eye. His light blue right eye shown through like a star.

"I start at the academy today!" said the tiny Urami, "You know that!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Urami," said his brother, "Would you like me to walk you there?"

"Wow! Thanks, Deidara!" said Urami.

The two brothers walked through the Rock Village streets. Urami looked down at his feet.

"What's wrong?" asked Deidara.

"I'm just nervous," said Urami.

"Hey!" said Deidara, "If you're anything like your big brother, you'll be fine, hmmm?" ((hmmm=Deidara's "un") so nobody gets condused)

"Yeah!" said and excited Urami, "Hey, do you think you can teach me your clay bomb jutsu?"

"Actually," said Deidara, looking at the sky, "I have another thing in mind for you."

He reached into the bag slung over his shoulder and plled out a small brown ball.

"These," said Deidara, "Are very small, but extremely powerful bombs. You will go far with these, hmmm?"

"Wow!" said Urami, looking up at his brother with stars in his eyes.

Urami looked forward with pride, "I'll make the Rock Village proud!"

Deidara looked down, thinking of what was to come.

Urami looked cute in his white T-shirt and khaki shorts and Deidara looked cool in his black T-shirt, open light-blue jacket, and black 3/4 pants.

"There's the academy," said Urami, pointing to the white building at the end of the road.

"I think I'm going to throw up," said Urami.

"You'll be fine," said Deidara, "Now, go on...unless you want me to hold your hand."

"No, I'm good," said a frightened looking Urami before he ran toward the building, waving his hand in the air to his brother.

Deidara's smile faded to a frown as he watched his brother run away.

"Urami, wait!" he called.

The little boy stopped and looked over his shoulder as his brother walked toward him.He bent down and pulled Urami into a hug.

"Deidara!" squeaked an embarassed Urami.

"Good luck," said Deidara.

"Ok, ok! Just let me go!" begged Urami, looking aroud to see if anyone was watching.

As soon as Deidara released him, Urami took off for the academy shouting, "Don't worry, brother, I'll make you proud."

Deidara watched his little brother dissapear, they had always been close.