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05-08-2008, 02:14 AM
Chapter Three: Reconnaissance:

(Yeah.. I know..Last names are not that great, but I had help from Miku <3 and yeah..The original name "McCloud" from me >_> but anyways, enjoy your new update for Halo: Zeta 0-9!)

Combustion everywhere from the MA5B’s, and the plasma radiated the whole sky signifying the fire-fight below. Seemed like it was for eternity for the survivors on Zeta’s threshold and horrible environment, controlling their breathing and adrenalin going through the survivor’s bodies making them to adapt too the snow, and harsh long fighting.

Loud gas operated guns went through the night over-cast sky on Zeta’s crust, the Marines had a geology stand-point the Marines dug fox-holes to keep them cover, eventually they made small radius tunnels to make contact using gestures as body languages. All though, ammunition from stock of the pelican currently running out, the survivors depended each one for guidance, and support.

One of the Elites came one step forward with a shining blade filled with plasma with purple undertones and electrical energy crackling on it when the blade was active by the handler of the Eilte as the savage beast made a call of death almost of a war-cry, it charged at the Marines just like one of the commanding officers in the covenant side a “Zealot”.

One of the survivors shifted his optic at the Elite this survivor had a CH252 Helmet as well all of the other survivors had, it was formally known as the “ODST” helmet . This helmet is a standard plating similar to the M JOLNIR Mark IV, the MJOLNIR Mark IV was a radical redesign of the suit taking advantage of many technological leaps. This advanced battle suit was the first to fully integrate with the user's body.

It does have a HUD display to scan the statures as a human personnel or Elite, and weighs about four pounds. As he rolled to another survivor protecting the marine with a M90 shotgun as he took one pull of the trigger with his index finger shrapnel dispersed everywhere at the mighty Elite, as crimson blue blood with undertones of a vibrant purple dripped from the mouth and saturated the white snow beneath the hoof of the Covenant Elite.

He lifted his M90 above his chest as he spoke to the soldier in a muffled voice looking down at the soldier, “You alright?” as he tapped him on the back, the other soldier still covering his head gripping his BR55HB SR, he looked up at the “Spartan”, “Yeah..Thanks for the suppressive fire.” “Come in Delta one-two, come in Delta-One-Two.” The static in the dashboard of the green pelican significantly announced of hope, the commander said out loud, “Suppressive fire!” the guns were blazing with fire and fury towards the Elites, Commander Fernandez ran over and picked up the radio attached to the dashboard, “Delta-one-two, here. Do you copy. Hello, do you copy?”

“Roger that, what’s the current SITREP on the progression on the three plasma cannons intercepting our reconnaissance?” “Not good, sir. Were in a fire-fight and running low on ammunition. “ “Roger that, set up a green smoke flare and we will drop-off some left over ammunition.” “Copy that, 10-4.”

Fernandez hooked up the radio back into place on the dashboard carrying his BR55HB SR on the handle, he sprinted over towards the snow to give out some more suppressive fire, the offensive had a good geology establishment high up in the mountain glaciers the commander of the Covenant requested Type-52 plasma cannon which was a gloss purple finish.

The tripod was attached to the snow they opened up the tripod as it activated by itself; the supportive offensive was unleashed blue plasma radiated the sky hitting the snow, not eliminating, but pinning the survivors down. Commander Fernandez shifted his head slowly piercing his grey copper eye’s at the cannon as he said, “AWH! CRAP!” addressing it to himself as he pounded on the snow angry, he didn’t hesitate he commanded one of his special operators that carried a SRS 99D AM sniper rifle.

“Corporal McCloud! Come here we got a special obliga—“

One of the Eiltes threw a small plasma blue grenade that was activated and it was attached on the remote snow densely small a bright cloud of plasma emission was leaked around the grenade it produced a vivid displayed a low sound was emitted on the barren snow grounds by the force of the grenade the snow pivoted along with a explosion.

The dramatic experience exposed to Commander Fernandez came to a close call of certain death. He shook his head in a negative manner as he unleashed from his lungs a low inaudible sigh, his psychology from basic training came into his own secluded thoughts he spoke out in a strict voice,

“McCloud?! You still with me?” the soldier nodded, “Good! Okay, we need you to do a reconnaissance mission for us! You wanna win this war don’t you?!” “Yeah..sure, but how can we excel if we got a damned turret on our hands?” McCloud said, “Here’s the objective we will throw grenades you will post a green flare on top of that mountain away from the Elites, and we will give you cover fire. You up for the obligation?” as Commander Fernandez extended his whole arm limb pointing a small gap in the middle of the glacier secluded from enemy fire.

Commander Fernandez gave a body gesture with his arm addressing a grenadier for bombardment!

Halo: Zeta 0-9 (C)

Published by: Kohl Hughes (Capt Fox McCloud)

(A new update will occur soon. Enjoy.)

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