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Well, Princess Ai-senpai closed my thread. I am here to explain that those numbers that will be appear in the chapters is NOT A NEW CHAPTER, is each section of my chapter. Therefore, i shall just typing more spaces on it instead of put the numbers that you get confused.
For making a whole long story, i am going to re-put the first and second chapters again. It's the exactly the same.
There are some of the chapters which is not used the first person as a writing view because i want to represent two people's minds, thoughts and feelings not only one-it's just like chapter 2.
Again, English isn't my home tone, and i am using UK English, if there is grammar wrong or word you could not understand, please put in your comment, so i will edit my writing again. Thanks for you supports at me. Enjoy!


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Chapter 4 She’s coming back

Golden sandy castles…in the desert of wind country…
Cactus’ flowers blossom perfectly…inside of the thorny splinters.

Windows…Glass reflect those greenish eyes’ cyan…
Village…crowd, busy…with happiness float out…
A picture of a nice, healthy village…

Then it washed away…rapidly…slowly…by…her…
The girl with indigo eyes shined in default blue…clearly…attractive…and can focus all the gaze-Se.

“ Hey, look, look!” a woman in middle ages whispered.
“ That kid…No way!” the other trying to deepen her voice but the feelings of panic flow out straight away.
“That girl looks nice and so cool!” a little girl said in exciting.
“ Be quiet…let’s go home!” a woman grabs her little hand tightly then pushes her into the doorway of their cottage.

Se’s pupils wiped slowly through those buildings…strange…but she knows them well. The memories rippled over and over again like tides; sometime it goes too high that she could lose control in the next second, however sometimes it brings back an indescribable feeling toward the bottom somewhere inside.

As her eyes focus moving, the doors of people cottages shut immediately…as an enemy intend to attack their village.

“Report in. Kazekage-sama…there is…” a jounin stand outside of the office…his mouth opened widely but…he couldn’t say a word…
In front of him, magenta red hairs are flying gently with the wind out from the window.

“ What’s happening?” a good sounded male voice questioned calmly.
“ Well…actually…there’s something…wired in our village.” Jounin answered back awkwardly.
“ I will check around myself this time, so you can relax now. Good job.”

Village…silence…in dead silence, you even could hear obviously if there is a dust being wiped away by wind.
“Mama, mama, look, Kazekage Sama is coming!” a child swing a woman’s hand.
“Be respectful to Kazekage Sama!” woman warned cautiously.

“Gaara!!!!!!!! Gaara!” I am using her best speed running towards the back figure, although I don’t have any athletic ability…but so many times…I wanted to catch that figure; so many time I couldn’t forget about it even everyone just saying I am a crazy freak; and so many times I tell myself that if you believe than it will happens. However, he is too far away…I feel I couldn’t grab him, I cannot chase after him…Anyway, Toshimi, you cannot give up, not yet!!! Never!
“Ah!” then as usual…I toppled off with soft sand on the ground. Gaara, you rejected me again!!!!!!!!!! What’s so bother about me?
“ Gaara!” I screamed disappointingly. I can feel liquids begin to gather near my eye corners. Nope, you cannot cry, Toshimi! Absolutely do not cry in front of the one you admire!!!!!!!

Facing…two pupils watching…
Dazing…two eyes talking…
Thinking…blank brain’s moaning…

His cyan pupils open widely…as his eyes stretching…

Her indigo pupils softly closed…she waited for this second too long… so many times she out of control because the hatred feelings toward that face…
But at this moment…she’s calm…cooling…condensating…by the coldness around.

He…as known as a monster…we don’t know how many of died face he once watching…but…the pieces of memories recall at this second…the faint shadows of blood falling stress with golden sand bring his losing of receive love…his uncle once said…he was born as the grudges of this village from his mother…although that yellow hair Naruto acknowledges him and…their friendship…

“ I am coming for take part in jounin test in this village.” She said first…dimly
Gaara returns back to sensible Kazekage, he nods. Then his eyes sweep through her…black dressed and no weapons…a jounin test taker even without any kunai and shurikens.
“Huh??? Se!!” I stand up…running to Se while she stretch her arms…
Quietly…like a flash lighting… I feel somehow lost my weight, like the ground is pulling me, I toppled down heavily on the sand stone ground of village…
“That’s hurt.” I look back at those faces, complaining.
“Sorry, Toshimi.” Said indifferently.

“You know her.” Greenish eyes gazed at her. Sure, she knows me…she’s my…classmate? Why this all seems too complicated…too faint…is she really…really a…human? No, No, No, No devil thoughts. I am shaking my head try to throw out my doubts…but it seems to be difficult…and no reason why I feel it that way.
“Ye, she’s one of the villagers from another non-ninja village around wind country.”
Gaara turns ground, ready to go. His figure disappeared in misty wind.

Gaara…And Se…why you two seem too familiar…like twins that come from the same mother…inherited the same genes…has the same appearance…
Still, you look like too far…too pride…
But why am I thinking of it too much! Happy, Happy, Toshimi! I encourage myself.

“Name?” a chunin asked without any looking.
“Se.” Her voice’s elegant with clear sounds.
“15.” God! Se, you even can be my little sister! I am 16!
“Hahahahaha!!!!! A brat!!!” Chunin looks at Se…laughing loudly. “Girl…you don’t have to die with this beauty face and body!!! Go back to home and found some guy to marry is so much better than suicide!”
I saw Se frowns…her hands hold into fists. Her nails thrust into her palm. Next to her…I am feeling an enormous power is rising straight away from her…that power is so cold…like the Antarctica covered by icebergs in the darkness winter.
“If you don’t mind…want come to my place tonight, Girl?” the other chunin join in. Idiot! Stop it! I cannot tolerate this anymore! Therefore, I straddled one pace. Stretch me hand. Then a palm slapped through chunin’s face.
“What’s wrong with you! Why are you Chunin can looking down at people so randomly! If you don’t try and you won’t be able to know and concludes it!” I angrily pointed at those Chunin. My breath is getting heavily…my face is getting red and blushing…Ignorant guys always have a rough cheek too!
“You *****!” Chunin hold his chin, the slapped surface is getting red reflected a hand palm. “You brat has no Chakra! Why won’t Kazekage sama kick you out, damn!”
“Yes, I don’t have any Chakra. So, what? Does it means you can look down on people? Even you guys do have Chakra, your bad manners just as same as rats which has no standard, where’s the right to blame on us?” I shouted loudly. I hated the most that people look down on the others and attempt to show off how strong they are.
“Yeah!” villagers clap and waving at me with bright smiles. Thanks everybody!
“Gees, damn kid, Signature!”

“You are quite popular.” Se said nonchalantly, indifferent pupils covered with long black eyelashes.
“No, you are the one who brought me here, aren’t you?” I stopped, I don’t know why; I want to stretch my hands trying to grab Se’s slim hands with slender fingers. I don’t know how come I feel she is lonely…just like…just like…G…Gaara’s eyes trying so hard to prove his existence at beginning of Naruto…somehow I want to reveal my stories to her…Why, why is this anonymous emotion becomes more and more desperately and unstoppable.
“I always believe Gaara lives in somewhere…I always think if I trust in him, I would see him at once even though no ones believe me…mama gives me up because those anonymous detentions and turn her point to my sister…my best friend breaks up with me and said I am just a stupid fan girl. Everyone think that I am crazy and a dropout who has no talent of study at all. Only…you…you proved my dream, you are the only one who support me.” Tears flown from my eye corner, I cannot tell why am I such as freak crying girl, but I remember someone said at once-Cry is the best way of release the seals inside us. I gaze at Se with hopeful eyes. Se, can you understand…
“Don’t look at me with those expressions.” Se turns her face away for it reluctantly…
You know, Toshimi, you made me jealous… Because a Black could never be able to cry as we want…
“What?” My voice’s getting blurring… even I could hear it myself…but I hear that…Se said something…something that I have never heard…though I don’t know what is it…however there’s one thing I’m certain about…she’s also crying…inside her…she is whispering some of her painful history…but what is it?
Se sighed heavily. Then a dim blue handkerchief gently wipes through those tears flowing desperately my eye corners. Those white-skinned fingers look like at first time feeling a word called real…these liquids as a evidence of emotion…can fall as anytime as it want…the person’s existence as these liquid could not wipe through or disappear forever… And somehow I tell somewhat about her…although I don’t have any rights that I am right…

My right hand is attempting to grab the handkerchief. When her fingertips connect with my fingertips…all seems to faint…to misty…so much like a dream…the feeling of a mysterious fake…stops the blood’s movements inside the veins…why? Why all this seems just like I am daydreaming…this person…is she really Se? But why she made me here…what are those black wings she saw before…what the hell is happening?
“How could you make me here?” my eyes wide open…I focus all my attentions at Se without blinks…that face filled with a gleam of serious… Se…say that I am in a dream and wake me up…please…I don’t want it…if it’s fake…there’s no point if it’s just fakes. It’s natural that everyone thinks I am just a wired fan girl.
“You actually came here by yourself.” Se answered back sensibly, calmly…as usual that cold colour covered the pupils could even give any warmth.
Leave…that tall slim figure…so quick…
Left…too much mysterious secrets…
I…leave out…and she…seems come from another world…