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The Nightingale
04-02-2008, 12:56 PM
OK ok this is just a random thing me and my friend did during study hall, rofl
it sucks but it was fun to write xD
Ill more soon if you like it!

Kara- Kayla, you sure this is a good idea?
Kayla- Of course it is! Why wouldn't it be?
Kara- For one thing, Itachi could and prob will kill is, and I for one, like my life,
Kayla- Well I have Deidara to 'save me' so *sticks tongue out*
Kara- -.-
Tobi- Yay! let's go on a adventure!
Kayla- *Smacks Tobi* Shut up You!
Deidara -*waltzes in* Kara-Chan, Kayla-Chan, Hiya Un!
Kara- *pops outta nowhere behind Dei* RAWR!
Deidara- WTH?!
Kara- aww you were suppose to be scared -.-
Tobi- Is it time for an adventure?!
Kayla- *evil snicker* you could say that.
Deidara- *backs away slowly*
Kara- *pulls out pink glitter glue* hehe...
Tobi- O.o! what's that? *grabs it* can Tobi eat it?
Deidara- *hits Tobi* NO!
Kayla- ugh...NO! *grabs back glitter super glue and goes over and sits on the knocked out itachi* Hehe...
Kara- *goes over and pokes Itachi* why is he out anyway? *pokes him again*
Kayla- He and Deidara went dancing and drinking last night.
Tobi- Tobi gots a video! Tobi will show later
Kara- *still poking Itachi* Okies xD
Kayla- *hands glue to Kara and holds up Itachi's hand." Go on, I know you want to!
Kara- What? Why me?! Why Not you?!
Kayla- So you'll die fir- i mean uh....nvm...
Kara- O.O *hesitates*
Kara- -.- fine! *takes glue from kayla and turns toward Itachi, squirting glue on each of his fingernail's and toenail's*
Kayla- *giggles* Watch Itachi wake up!
Kara- Heheh xD *hides behind anearby chair, dragging tobi with her*
Tobi- Yay! Tobi's a good Boy!
-Kayla and Dei run outside and hide ina tree. Kayla yells to Kara-
Kayla- HAHA, he is so gonna find you there!
Kara- O.O shoot shes right Tobi! *edges out from behind chair*
-Itachi mumbles and rolls over, slowly waking up-
Kara-****! *edges quickly back behind the chair, then peeks out and watches Itachi*

and this next part, is something random i did, totally not connected with first one.

Greg, Kayla, Jami and Kara were all sitting under a tree outside the Village hidden in the Leafs. That's when Kayla got an Idea. Which isnt usually a good thing, But this time it actually sounded fun, funny even. "OMG!" She had yelled scaring Kara and Jami to death.

"What now" Says Jami rolling her eyes at Kara. Kayla just smiles.
"Let's do what we read on that fanfic the other day."
Jami looked at Kara. "Uhm...Kidnap Itachi and make him sing 'I Feel Pretty?'" Kara starts to giggle the image in her mind.
"No silly, Let's interview and dare everyone!"
"Kayla, who will willing do something like that?"
"Jami-Chan, use your brain, and besides they dont have to be 'willing' heeheee." Greg looks up from the book he's reading. " Why do I have the feeling this is going to be a bad idea?" Kayla jumped up, followed by Kara and Jami. "Oh Come on Greg, stop being emo and get ya *** up."
"No thank you, I'd rather read my book."
"Greg, you are COMING rather you like it or not!" Kayla goes over and tries to pull greg up, with help from Kara and Jami.
"OK OK ill go, just leave meh alone."

Couple Hours Later:

Dei- owwie! Kayla-chan why'd you drag me here? Literally too." *rubs his sore butt*
Kayla-"Because I felt like it!"
Itachi-Kayla, do I look like i want to be involved with whatever it iss YOUR doing?" *gets up to leave*
Kayla- RAWR
Itachi- O_Ok then *sits back down quickly.*
Kayla-OK then I want you people to sit in specific spots! Dei your over there next to Sasori, I'll be right on the other side of Sasori, Jami-Chan next to me, Itachi you sit next to Jami, and Kara you get to sit on other side of Itachi. Sasuke, You sit next to Kara, Neji next to Sasuke, Naruto next to Neji, Tobi, Kisume, Hidean, you guys sit ova there. Kiba, Shino, Jiriyia, Kakashi, Sakura and Rock Lee Over there, Oh and you too Guy Sensei.
Jami- Done yet kayla?
Kayla-Yes I am. xD xD *Walks to the center of everybody* OK we are ready!
Sasori-For what exactly?
Kayla- Why and Interview/Dare thingy majig.
*Everyone starts to groan.*
*everyone shuts-up*
Kayla-Ok now that we are ready, who wants to assk who what question first.
Greg-Here comes the fun *rolls his eyes*
Jami-Oh I will Kayla-Chan! *glares at Greg*
Kayla-Ok GO!
Jami-Ok uh...Sasuke-Chan!
Sasuke- Oh no why me first?!
Jami- Cause I <3 you.
Sasuke- Right then...
*everyone looks at Kayla*
Kayla-I get to pick the dare! The person who is anwsering the question is the one that gets dared xD xD.
Rock Lee-WOO
Kayla-Shut-up Lee
*Rock Lee sits down looking away*
Kara- xD
Jami-WTH kara shutup!
Kara- I didnt say anything!
Jami and Kayla-KARA SHUTUP
*kara sinks in her chair, sulking.*
Kayla-Continue Jami
Jami-Ok anywayyy *looks around the room* Oh yeah! Sasuke as I was saying. Do You Like Hugs????
Sasuke-...I Have never been Hugged
Kara/Jami- OMFG WHAT?!?!?!?!
Sasuke-O_O Is that a problem?!
Kayla- Jami aand Kara GLOMP HIM!
Sasuke-WTH IS 'GLOMP'? * hides behind his chair*
Kara/Jami-HUGS FOR SASUKE-KUN *both runs over, jumping over the chair and glomp sasuke.*

Ichiro Matsuchani
04-02-2008, 01:16 PM
The title is in the wrong format. I'll fix it for you this time.

I'll give it a B- as a script, and a D- as a fiction. Even if it is a script, they do have some sort of description of the setting and actions, rather than doing it with chatroom action marks. You can only get so much of the situation from what the characters are saying to each other.

04-02-2008, 02:11 PM
Wrong format?

And Ichiro, please dont rank fanfics and give them grades. It's not our jobs to play teacher but to give friendly advice.

Ichiro Matsuchani
04-03-2008, 12:45 AM
I'll guess I'll just leave out the grades next time, then. I mainly did that just to show that this is more like a script than a fiction.

04-05-2008, 09:56 AM
I have to agree with Ichiro. This isn't fanfiction... I suggest writing future stories in well, story format and not a chatroom format. I feel almost as if I'm reading an AIM or MSN conversation.

04-06-2008, 07:09 AM
Guys. Stop insulting people because they don't write how you wish they would write. You are not the allmighty fiction gods. I've never disallowed scrips, and I never will. I've written a few in my day, and in no way, shape, or form are they not allowed, or NOT FANFICTION.

They are fanfiction just as much as anything else posted on this forum. If not more so. If they use the proper scene direction and etc, it can be just as good as any fanfiction posted on the internet.

Clowangel, if you feel the urge to insult someone, do it privately. I no longer wish to see your overzealous holier than thou posts in this forum. You are not the moderator, you cannot dictate or rule over the people here.

Scripts are allowed, weather you like it or not.