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Naruto and Sasuke were drenched in honey and feathers tied to a tree in the middle of the village. Fingers pointing and laughing, elders giggling under their breaths.
“I guess this is what we get for fighting in his presence.” Naruto admitted.
“You may be right, but he is the one who got us started. He’s to blame!” Sasuke was beginning to go crazy.
They both looked down to avoid embarrassment when they heard a voice they knew.
“Fools!” It said.
Their glances shot up to glare at Gaara, as he snapped a picture.
“I’m going to kill you!” Sasuke yelled at Gaara, then turned to Naruto, “I’m going to kill him!”
Naruto who was now blowing some from his ears like a tea kettle. He became so mad that he snapped the rope . Right as they were about to jump up and kill him a light bulb appeared on the tops on Naruto’s and Sasuke’s heads. This isn’t all Gaara’s fault, its HIS, Kakashi’s fault, they thought together. Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other with stupid grins on their faces, just to make sure they were thinking the same thing. As they both jumped to their feet and ran to where they could come up with a good plan, Gaara was left there with an idiotic puzzled look on his face.
“I thought they were going to fight me, or even take the camera.” he pouted, then decided to look for them again.
Two kunai’s came flying towards Gaara, he went to dodge them and they smashed the camera that was dangling from his hand. Gaara looked up in surprise to see the only two Sasuke obsessed girls, Sakura and Ino.
“Don’t ever mess with my Sasuke!” Sakura yelled.
“You’re Sasuke?! Yeah right! don’t make me laugh! He’s all mine.” Ino exclaimed.
“ Shut up!!! He hates you both!!!!” Gaara got his point across.
Sakura and Ino both pouted and walked away. “Don’t ever embarrass Sasuke again!!!!” they both hurried off. And Gaara just ignored them and went back to looking for Naruto and Sasuke. He walked around for a bit then caught a sight of something, he went to investigate. As he crept over to where he seen movement, he fell on his face. A village kid set a trap, and it was good enough to get Gaara caught in it.
“UGH! You stupid (but smart) child!!!!” Gaara was having a fit.
“umm…..s-sorry, we were playing n-ninja and I was trying to catch one of th-the others.” the kid looked petrified.
“Well go play now.” Gaara rolled his eyes then patted the kids head and went back to his search.
Naruto and Sasuke found Kakashi in the middle of the woods reading Make Out Tactics. On the way, they thought up with a plan that includes them working together, bucket of water and a piece of paper. Naruto drew on a piece of paper and wrote Make Out Accidents while Sasuke got a bucket of water. The plan was to steal Kakashi’s book and soak him. The piece of paper is use to lure him away from the real book, so it would be easy for them to get it. Naruto placed the fake book under a tree nearby while Sasuke jumped up into the tree where Naruto set the book. Sasuke had the bucket of water with him. He made a bird noise to get Kakashi’s attention. Kakashi looked right at the fake book and screeched(very unnaturally) then ran to grab it. Naruto grabbed the book and looked at Sasuke, who was being attacked by birds(the noise he made was a bird mating call). Sasuke managed to drop the bucket of water landing exactly on Kakashi’s head. Naruto and Sasuke got out of there as soon as they could. As they got away, Naruto was laughing so hard he was clenching his sides because they hurt so much.
Sasuke gave Naruto an evil glare then stated “It wasn’t that funny, yeah Kakashi is wet and bookless, but it still isn’t funny.”
“I’m not laughing at him, I’m laughing at you!” Naruto managed to say in between laughs.
“What?! Why?!” he insisted on Naruto telling him.
“Because you made a birds mating call while trying to get Kakashi’s attention!” Naruto tried to stop laughing but instead it turn into a giggle.
Right then and there, Sasuke punched Naruto square in the gut, the strolled off. Naruto jumped up, so he could catch up to Sasuke. Once they got back to the village, Naruto noticed he was still holding the book. He began looking through it.
“How can he read this?” Naruto asked.
“Never mind that, we have to find a place to put it. Any ideas?” Sasuke was in deep thought before Naruto could answer right away, so he thought too.
“I got it!” Naruto jumped up and down.
“Where?!” Sasuke yelled.
“In Sakura’s bra drawer!!! Ohhhh, never mind I don’t think she has any bras yet….back to thinking.” Naruto giggled and Sasuke rolled his eyes. Then someone poked Naruto in the shoulder.
“What?” he turned around to see the one and only Sakura and her apprentice Ino. Sakura hit Naruto so hard he slammed into a tree fifteen feet away and knocked branches down. Each and every falling branch managed to hit Naruto smack dab on the head. Everyone was laughing at Naruto. Then they all head another laughing ninja enter. Everyone stopped to look at Gaara, who was still laughing.
“That was a good one, Naruto!” he attempted to choke out. Sakura gave him the evil eye.
Sasuke went over to help Naruto get up and helped him balance.
“I think I have a concussion.” Naruto blurted out.
“No you don’t.” Sasuke assured him. “Lets get out of here.”
As they left the group, Naruto got his balance back. They ran into Shikamaru while they were looking for a place to hide Kakashi’s book.
“What are you two up to?” he asked.
“Uhhh….nothing.” Naruto tried not to sound suspicious.
“We’re going to see master Iruka.” Sasuke said coolly.
“For what?” Shikamaru questioned.
What was this twenty questions, or something? Sasuke thought. “We have a question on one of his past missions.” he didn’t know if he sounded agitated or not, so he smiled to make sure.
“Ok, cool. I’ll catch you later.” he gave a slight wave as he left.
“So where are we going to go?” Naruto asked when he no longer could see Shikamaru.
“To master Iruka’s.” Sasuke replied quicker then Naruto had expected.
“Got it!” Naruto tried not to sound stupid.
When they reached master Iruka’s house, they both looked in the window to see if he was there. They seen master Iruka and Kakashi talking. They both jumped out of sight. Sasuke pointed towards the woods and started tip toeing away. Then signaled Naruto to follow. Once they were far in the woods, they found Hinata reading under a big cherry blossom tree that was in full bloom. Hinata looked up and was startled.
“Oh, its just you two.” she whispered under her breath in relief.
“Hey! We can see if she’ll help us.” Naruto said to Sasuke. Sasuke nodded then turned to Hinata.
“Would you like to help us hide Kakashi’s book?” Sasuke tried not to sound mean or agitated.
“Ye-yeah, I wo-wouldn’t mind.” she placed he book into a bag then got up, Naruto held out his hand to help her, and she grabbed it.
She walked over to a unnoticeable trail and signaled them to follow, which they did. The next thing they knew they were in front of an old and abandoned log cabin.
“In here.” Hinata walked over and pointed to a log.
“That’s a log.” Naruto said.
“Give the guy the prize!” Sasuke said as he walked over and opened a secret compartment. He place the book in and closed it.
They all went to walk away when out of the woods came Kakashi. He darted at Sasuke and Naruto with demon eyes. He pulled out three very large things and threw the at Naruto, Sasuke, and Hinata. The ones thrown at Naruto and Sasuke landed on their heads, but Hinata managed to block hers. Hinata’s fell silently to the ground. Naruto looked to see what it was and found out that him and Sasuke were wearing dunce caps and Sasuke noticed the same.
“I caught up with you faster then I expected.” Kakashi mumbled as he went and grabbed his book. “Nice hiding spot, by the way.” he added.
“You fell for the lamest joke of all master Kakashi.” Naruto grunted, then giggled thinking about it.
Sasuke was pointing for Hinata to grab the dunce cap, that was supposed to be hers. So she picked it up, then Sasuke directed her to put it on Kakashi’s head. She jumped up and shoved it on Kakashi’s head.
“Thank you, Hinata.” Sasuke gave her a gentle smile.
At first Kakashi looked extremely mad, but just as they thought they were done for, Kakashi started laughing.
“You all sure do know how to put up a fight! Great job!” Kakashi wanted to reward them all for their great work.
“Lets have RAMEN!!!!!!!! It’s on Kakashi!!!!” Naruto screamed as he ran back for the village. Everyone laughed and followed him. And they all ate ramen.
“I wanted ramen too…….” Gaara went and pouted in his emo corner because he wasn’t invited to have ramen.
Naruto walked by Gaara’s emo corner. “Hey? Do you want to get some ramen with us?” he asked, only to be nice.
“Yeah!!!!” he jumped out of his emo corner.
And now they all ate ramen together. They were also all even…….for now.

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What's the name of your fanfiction?

red babbling bubbles
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ummmm...... Prankathon