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I've never written a story before. :3 Tell me what you think and I'll try to write more.

"I wonder what would happen if we were all to fall from grace. How do you suppose it feels to lose your light? As far as we've come, I don't believe there is anything else left ot lose."
"Why don't you jump and find out?"


It began that simple; an asked question which would lead to several tragic events. There is little for those who watch from the tops of clouds to do than to wish they themselves were once again roaming with those below them. Creatures capable of sin, creatures capable of still being human, creatures capable of mistakes and sorrow as well as forgivness and joy. They are blessed beasts. They are given the ability to do wrong and make up for it without leading to the distruction of a piece of themself. Of course, they regret what they do wrong; but, they can be forgiven. Forgiven and forgotten.
I myself, wish to not be forgotten. Can this be achieved without bringing harm to someone? Can I be remembered for the goodness I've accomplished instead of by the damage I have caused. By simply breathing, I bring harm to something, if not to myself. And by living, I threaten the existance of something, if not myself. So far, my life is just wasted space.
I wish to fill that void with meaning. I want to bring worth to that space. I need to make it beautiful.
Staring down at them, I wished to be one of them. I don't remember the last time I was. Sometimes I can hardly remember myself ever being one. Today I shall jump. I shall make the changes needed to become one of them. To become a cursed creature of the world. To become a beautiful being of light.
But I am cowardly and unable to bring myself to do so. I want to so badly, but I am too fearful of what may happen. So again on this day, I will watch from this spire and aspire to become something.

"Why do you gaze at them so?"

The voice behind had startled me. A soft and gentle voice of which I knew not the speaker. I envied that voice from the moment it had snuck its sweet whispers into my ear. I had to turn and look to see who could be so gentle as to speak so confidently. Turning, I found myself staring into the soft blue eyes of someone I've never seen before. Peculiar markings had covered his body. He was quite intreaging.
He must have found me to be so aswell.

"Who are you?" I couldn't stop myself from asking him.

"The name is not important. I asked you a question."

A sly reply indeed. I did not plan on revealing how I felt to a stranger but I couldn't stop myself from opening up to this boy. There was something about him that made me want to release everything I had kept so bottled up.

"I envy them. I envy them as I envy you."

"You have already begun to envy me? I don't believe that I am worth your envy. Although, I too envy those things. They do not seem to understand the gifts they posess."

A small smile had begun to stretch across his face. Had I found someone who shares the same strange thoughts that swarmed constantly in my head? I found it strange he refered to them as things. As though they were mearly objects which filled his world. Toys in which he was able to play with.
I spent some time admiring his form before I could bring myself to reply. Although a boy myself, I found him to be, as difficult as it is for me to admit, attractive. His build was larger than mine and his hair quite a bit shorter; but, there was something about him, something less physical that made him to be so attractive. I struggled to think of what it was.
"Are you simply going to stare all day or have you something to say?"
I felt embarrased as I realized how long I had been eyeing him from top to bottom. I am a fool.

"What is it you wish me to say?" I had to speak longer with him. If not to simply admire his undescribable feature.

"Tell me more about this envy you feel."

I knew saying that I felt that way was a bad thing to do. We were not supposed to sin. Some even believe we are incapable of doing so; but, here I am. I am proof that we are capable of this sin. I am proof of a flaw in our habits.

"Fear not, I won't tell anyone. What you have to say to me shall be spoken to my ears only."

I felt relieved at this. I did not understand why I trusted this person whose name is still unknown to me. But the conversation would not end here. I had to tell him more. He was drawing it out of me. I had to tell him everything.

"I envy them because I want to be them."

"What stops you from doing so?"

I knew not how to answer this question because I knew not how to become one of them. Should I simply begin acting like them? Waltzing around this place as if I was one of them.
"How would I do that?" I asked

"Why don't you jump and find out?"

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Did you read the rules before you posted? :3

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