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Kuneru Kallan
02-27-2008, 05:07 PM
I know there's a chance I might be shouted at for this but I wasn't really sure how to get started on it.

I've become interested in game modding recently and have started learning how to create 3D models using blender. I'm generally more interested in getting my own ideas into a mod but I realise that simply dictating ideas is not a good idea, I've tried learning how to code but I always find it too difficult, I'm learning how to model because its a job that seems to take up alot of time in the production process and I can grasp it more easily.

Recently I've had the urge to create a space fleet combat mod (think Day of Sagitarius from Haruhi except in 3D like Homeworld). It sounded like a good idea for a first mod to me, however I'm not sure what game I should mod it from and at the moment I have no team. The only person I know who might be of use is an illustrator who probaly wouldn't help me anyway.

I know its probaly very unlikely I'll get something positive from posting here but I figure I might aswell try, heh.

(I'm also available if anyone wants me to do 3D models for anything, I'm in the very early stages of learning at the moment but I can create most objects if given views from several angles and it's good practice I figure)

If you want any other information on my game ideas or my 3D modelling ask me about it in a PM