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02-23-2008, 09:19 AM
This originally was going to be a round robin between me and Fabala, but since she can't write Sailor Moon anymore (cant = refuses to lol) I'm going to write it, and have her help me with the storyline, so it doesn't end up being retarded. I hope this turns out far better than some of my previous works, which were all mostly humor.

Serenity stared out at the cold expansive landscape of the earth. She hated it here. All the bright colors and searing sun were giving her a headache. They were doing wonders on her complexion as well. Her hair was turning a soft yellow instead of a silvery white, and her skin was darkening from milky white to a soft peach glow. She missed the moon, missed the warmph of the silverlined landscape. Walking back into her quarters from the balcony, she sighed. What a mess she had gotten into! What was she thinking anyway? Bethrothing herself to someone without even knowing them. She thought she really knew the earth prince, but she had the wrong opinion of him. Sitting down at her bed, she fell back into the soft mattress. What was she going to do? She didn't want to be in this mess. She especially didnt want to fall in love with the bastard. 'Oh Minako...' She sighed. 'I wish you were here with me.'

Meanwhile, Endymion was wondering quite how he was going to get his future bride to open up to him. Sitting in the garden surrounded by roses his mother had planted when she first became his father's wife, he stomped his feet and stood up. Clearly frustrated, he started stomping around berrating himself internally. 'Just what was I thinking anyway?! Asking that snob to marry me. I should have known better than to think the Princess from the Moon was going to be anything but cold to me. As cold as the landscape she so adores!' He had thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever set his eyes on. But when she came here, to live with him before the wedding... Endymion sighed. What a fool he had been to believe those cold blue eyes... He wondered if his father had, had problems with his mother like this. Marrying the cousin of a Princess of Venus. It didnt matter that she was only a lady, and not a princess... 'Why did I have to be so choosy?' He asked himself, wondering why he wanted a Princess instead of someone who could love them... Perhaps he wasn't infatuated wtih her title and just her looks...

Elsewhere in the expansive garden of roses, a woman grinned sinisterly. She didnt plan for him to fall in love with another, and here he is. Not really in love after all! She had to come up with a plan, to make him hers. She just had to get him to fall in love with her!

04-18-2008, 12:29 AM
They sat across from one another, in a cold silence. Neither of them really willing to speak as they ate their food in silence. People all around them were bantering cheerfully, making conversation, and occasionally congratulating the two of them on their impending marriage. Serenity desperately missed the members of her court, and she'd do anything just to hear Mercury scold her for not keeping up with her studies. She shyly reached for her wine goblet and drank from it thirstily. She wasn't the type to drink, but she didnt think anyone would mind. Afterall, this was an occasion to celebrate.

Endymion smiled at his future bride. Although she had been exceptionally cold to him in the past week since arriving on earth, he couldn't help but smile at her childish antics or the way she looked around before she drank her wine. He supposed she wasn't allowed to on the moon, and it made him smile to see her enjoying herself. Serenity looked up to see him smiling at her, and before she could stop herself, she smiled back.

'Maybe this isn't really so bad afterall' She pondered to herself, wondering just what her cousin had gotten her into. She had heard all sorts of foul rumors about the prince from his cousin, Lady Hino. There were some rumors about her being from the savage planet, Mars. Even of being a princess. But Serenity couldn't really believe such a person could be a princess. It was unthinkable with the words that came out of her mouth. Why just the other day she overheard her...

A few days earlier, in the Royal Gardens

A tall muscular woman with long fiery black hair and menancing red eyes stood waiting for her companion to show. Tapping her foot impaitently, she growled under her breath that he was several minutes late.
"Always the impaitent one." A voice laughed at her from the shadows.
"Jadeite this isn't the time." She snapped impatiently. "Tell me what you heard!" She hissed in a whisper.
"Nothing out of the ordinary..." He drawled, loving how angry the woman was getting. She opened her mouth to berate him further, and he shushed her. "Just that the Crown Prince of Earth and the future Queen of the Moon were bethrothed..." The woman with the flaming red eyes growled.
"I don't want those worthless wretches apart of my family!"
"Well, it's not like you can do anything about that..." Jadeite said, shrugging. "It's not your business who your cousin marries."
"No... but it may be my business who the Princess marries." She said, with a sinister grin.
"I'm not sure what you mean." He said uneasily.
"You're going to help me invent a sordid past for my dear Cousin, so the Princess would never want to marry him...!"

04-14-2009, 07:30 AM

Hey guys, I'm going to be re-writing a bit of this, I had like 4 more chapters, but it started going in another direction than where I originally intended, and I was hoping that the other sailor moon fans out there could help me out a bit!

Originally I was not intending it to be a Mamoru/Usagi fiction. It became one. I don't want it to be. I want to try writing SOMETHING out of the ordinary for me. Mamoru is supposed to be the bad guy. But I lost my way so to speak.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where the plot should go? Originally it was going to be Minako seeking revenge on him for some unknown thing he did to her (I hadn't planned that out yet, I was thinking he raped her, or stood her up, or hurt someone... I really don't know.) I still like where it's going when I read it on *here*, but I'm not sure WHERE I'm going!

Thanks in advance!

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