View Full Version : 'link' transliteration correction

01-21-2008, 08:25 PM
Hey! Just two small corrections of the transliteration of 'link' from fullmetal alchemist:
in the chorus

"Akugina unmei ga furikakarou"... etc - akugina should actually be 'itazurana' (alternate readings of same kanji but if you listen to the song, they say 'itazura')
and similarly in the 2nd verse 'nozomareru ashita ga" - ashita should be asu (again, alternate readings of same kanji).

01-21-2008, 08:49 PM
Yea, alternate readings are really problematic (not for me but for translitters who don't bother checking against the song...). But please gimme the link/URL next time... ~_~;

Heh, Kikyosama again. I overwrote stuff she sent like GONG (http://www.animelyrics.com/game/superrobot/gong.htm) because she can't seem to deal with alternate readings...