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11-30-2007, 05:55 AM
1st episode - wind card and fly card(first card)
2nd episode - shadow card
3rd episode - watery card
4th episode - wood and rain card
5th episode - jump card
6th episode - illusion card
7th episode - silent card
8th episode - thunder card
9th episode - sword card
10th episode - flower card
11th episode - shield card
12th episode - time card
13th episode - power card
14th episode - mist card
15th episode - storm card
16th episode - float card
17th episode - erase card
18th episode - glow card
19th episode - move card
20th episode - fight card
21st episode - loop card
22nd episode - sleep card
23rd episode - song card
24th episode - little card
25th episode - mirror card
26th episode - maze card
27th episode - return card
28th episode - shot card
29th episode - sweet card
30th episode - dash card
31st episode - big card and create card
32nd episode - change card
33rd episode - freeze card
34th episode - none
35th episode - firey card
36th episode - snow card
37th episode - voice card
38th episode - lock card
39th episode - cloud card
40th episode - dream card
41st episode - sand card
42nd episode - light card and dark card
43rd episode - twin card
45th episode - earthy card(last card)
46th - 70th episode - all clow cards are turned to sakura cards