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11-28-2007, 06:05 PM
ok as a kid like 10 years ago i guess i saw this anime full length movie, i dont remember much and back then i had no idea what im actually watching but still i remember i liked it and now i wanna find out what it actually was!
ill list the stuff i remember
-it was based in space, on board of this ship, all female crew, there was one that was really like tough she was a battle pilot and i think she was blond, there was this other one with blue hair (short maybe), this little girl and a buncha other women
-the movie started with this huge space battle between humans and aliens, humans were losing, and our ship was about to get real pounded, i remember that the human army was not just ships but some sort of flying tactical armor (not mecha, more like those battle machines from gasaraki or ghost in the shell), one of which was piloted by the tough chick, and eventually the ship flew off real quik and fled the scene, leaving the tough chick alone in space surrounded by debris from broken ships and with this other unit in her arms, and it was real sad
-there was a scene with this chick going thru the hallway half naked cuz she just took a shower and the little girl was outraged and told her to put some clothes on or smt
- the rest of the story is almost entirely on board of that ship, some alien life form got in somehow i guess and enveloped the blue-haired chick, it was like gigantic green jelly, and when they finally pulled her out of it she was in coma, sorta. her cells then stated acting abnormally and she kinda cloned herself, splitted and the new being was physically identical but had no memories or knowledge, like a kid
-eventually they reached this beautiful green planet, and i think it was the planet of the aliens cuz they started shooting at them , the ship got blown and a survival capsule (i guess?) flew off in space, with only the cloned chick and the little girl in it. the movie ended in despair

heres the difficult part. this was NOT Gall Force Eternal Story. it was a different movie, the aliens were different, it was far better drawn too. i think gall force is a ripoff of that movie.
anyone? please

Shadow Wolf75
12-28-2007, 11:38 PM
Um, no, you seem to describe several scenes/characters from Gall Force: Eternal Story very accurately.

Lufy is blonde, tough, and is the one who walked onto the Star Leaf's bridge half naked. She's also the one who got left behind after they were attacked.

Two people got attacked by the monster. One died (she had pink hair and was named Eluza), but the other one (named Patty, with purple/dark blue hair) survived to make it to planet Chaos and to have that clone/kid. And the clone was a boy.

Speaking of planet Chaos, it was beautiful and green, but only because it'd been terraformed, and it would belong to whoever got there first to claim it.

In the end, the boy and Rumy (a younger girl like the one you described) get shot off of Chaos in an escape pod and end up on the nearby planet Earth. And you obviously didn't see the whole ending or just didn't get it, because after all the doom and destruction, it skips ahead a few million years and there's our civilization at it's peak. What the movie is implying is that Rumy and the boy were more or less Adam and Eve.

Your memory must be a little rusty, since there's not much else I can think of that had all of that in the same movie. And the time period (10 years ago) is about the same as when Scifi Channel was first running the Gall Force dub, so more likely than not, it's the one you saw.