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10-15-2007, 05:58 PM
There are errors in the songs named "Battle Song 1 (Taste The Blood)", "Battle Song 2" and "Suffer". The biggest mistakes are in Suffer, but they're all pretty accurate, just a few things are off about them. Anyway, sorry if I've gone about this the wrong way, it's my first post. ;)

Song name: Battle Music 1 (Taste The Blood)
Artist name: Shootie HG (Shawn McPherson)
Composer: Tetsuya Shibata

The flinch in your eye calls your bluff
Feel free to die when you've had enough
Useless cause is breaking your back
Your life will end when you attack

Make the move
Make the stand
Make the win
(Ha) Like you can

See the war
See me rule
See the mirror
You'll see a fool

To take me out you must fight like a man
(To take me out you must fight like a man)
You've yet to prove that you can
(You've yet to prove me that you can)
I see your might and it compares to something
(I see your might it compares to something)
That is if something is nothing
(That is if something is nothing)

Time to figure
Time to sin
Your time's done
When you begin

Live for suffer
Live for revenge
Now your life
Comes to an end

Taste the blood
Taste the fate
Swallow your pride
With your hate

Your last breath
Your last stance
The last of all
In your command

Knees in the blood with your crying pleas
Wade in your sorrow, bathe in your fear
Clear the mind from righteousness suffered
Witness the moment of failure's prosper

Song name: Battle Music 2 (Divine Hate)
Artist name: Shootie HG (Shawn McPherson)
Composer: Tetsuya Shibata

Now you've really crossed the line
Your hate for me is divine
My love yearns your suffer
On the grave lurks my prosper

Taunt more as a lure but it's no use
Knots tight, my excite, I prepare the noose
Say no more, it's time for you to make your move
My blackened soul lit by your fuel

Implodes your moral and drains your pride
Too late for debate or run and hide
Time to take your life, it tolls the bell
To your Hell, I'd like to welcome you

Hail to a father divine
To a son, the light will shine
From the angst of lost memories
A just revenge to cure misery

Song name: Beowolf/Cerberus Battle (Suffer)
Artist name: Shootie HG (Shawn McPherson)
Composer: Tetsuya Shibata

You got nothin' and nothin's got you
I can see your fear, it surrounds you
Built with strife and insight but it's not enough
I'll defeat and discreet your every move

Instinctual, just take your life
One step, one breath, you're under my knife
Killing slow is the way I conquer
Torture test can't wait no longer

With your first step you will burn
Can't control the hate you have learned
Killing slow is the way I conquer
Until you know the meaning of suffer

Step twice, you invite and welcome death
Pay homage to me with your last breath
Say goodbye to a life that you once knew
Along with every being that was before you