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Update. Not that far to go. In fact, I think I'll wrap up everything in the next chapter.^^


“Stay away!” I yelled at it as I tried to put myself between him and Jun. Looking at the guards for support I immediately saw that they weren’t going to be of any use. They were too busy protecting the entrance to help me. “You’re not getting him!”

The beast, as if sensing some weakness, seemed to be grinning, and each step it’s heavily armored legs took him closer to where Jun lay unconscious.

“Tokito, help me!” I called up. Risking a glance upwards I realized that they too wouldn’t be able to help me. They were locked in fierce combat with a monster that seemed to be all wings and teeth.

As I looked back at the beast I could see it drooling. Massive gobs of spit were leaking from its mouth and it was growling. I could just imagine what those razor sharp teeth could do to me. This game was turning out to be a massive nightmare.

“What do I do?” I asked myself in despair. “Jun, get up. Come on!”

“Use charm on it,” the unexpected bubbly voice of Marie sounded in my ear. “That’s only a low level monster. It should be a 100% effective.”

“Marie!” I cried out in relief. “Charm? How do I even do that?”

“Just think of what you want to do,” she answered. “In this case, just think that you want it to fall under your spell. Oh, and you need this.” A thin star tipped wand appeared in front of me. “You just need to hold on to it that’s all.”

I didn’t have any time to waste so I hurriedly took it and just before the beast jumped I waved it. And it stopped.

Nervously, I turned to Marie. “What now?

“Just tell him whatever you want it to do,” she said. “It’ll obey your every command. Until the magic wears off of course, which should be about five minutes from now.”

“O - okay then,” I tuned to the beast. It looked at me expectantly, as if it was a dog waiting for a command from its master. “Run out the gates and as far as you can get from here!”

It gave an obedient bark and lopped off the city gates, accidentally squishing a jelly monster on its way out.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I looked at Jun. I couldn’t stop a gasp from escaping between my lips. His wound was bleeding profusely and already his face had turned a pale hue.

“Marie, can I heal?” I asked her urgently.

“Up to some extent,”

“What about that?” I pointed at Jun’s arm. “Can I heal that?”

“The wound is no trouble,” she answered merrily. “But with a loss of that much blood I’d imagine he’d feel a bit dizzy afterwards”

“As long as he lives,” I said as I whipped out my wand. Pointing it at his arm, I willed it to be healed. There was a bust of light and when it cleared his wound was gone. Only his blood-drenched uniform bore any evidence that he came close to death.

“Unh…Chizuru?” he said weakly.

“Oh Jun!” I cried out in relief as I hugged him. “You’re all right! I thought you were a goner.”

“Sorry to disappoint,” he said with a brief smile. “What happened?”

“After that beast –”

“Lesser hell hound,” Marie interjected happily.

“– lesser hell hound, whatever, attacked you you passed out from the pain.”

“That was odd,” he said as he tried to sit up. “Ouch. The whole world’s spinning.”

“Marie tells me that’s from loss of blood.” I explained. “My magic can only heal wounds, I think. You better lay still first.”

“There was pain,” he said. “There shouldn’t be any.”

“Perhaps there’s a glitch?” I offered in way of an explanation. Looking up, I was just in time to see the monster that Tokito and Kaoru were battling to fall down from the sky. Their wyvern started to descend.

“It could be that,” he conceded. “I remember that guy Mr. Rofl saying something about this being version 3 of the game. If its only been finished a few days ago then perhaps they haven’t sorted out all the bugs yet. Maybe they went too far at being realistic.”

“Well, I don’t like it,” I said. “How do you log out?”

“I’m sorry but you can’t log out until the appointed time,” Marie said.

“And when’s that?”

“Exactly five hours, twenty-seven minutes and thirteen seconds from the beep,” she said as she beeped happily. “Beep!”

“Great, so we’re stuck here for five hours.”

“That’s the least of our problems,” said Jun. “If we can feel pain, what do you think will happen if we get killed here?”

I was silent as I mulled over this terrible realization.

“Are you all right?” Tokito called up atop his wyvern. He bore a few scratches but otherwise looked fine. “Kaoru saw what happened. That was quick thinking Chizuru.”

“I have to thank Marie for that,” I said as the little pink girl started dancing merrily. “She told me what to do.”

“I think we need to leave now,” Kaoru said urgently. “I don’t think the line’s going to last that much longer.”

True enough there were only a few soldiers left manning the gate and with the steady stream of monsters still coming in it seemed it wouldn’t be long before the resistance gets crushed.

“Can your wyvern carry us?” I asked Tokito. “Jun’s in no condition to move around after that injury.”

“She can carry all of us no problem,” said Tokito as he got down and heaved Jun over his back. “Don’t worry boyo, we’ll soon get you out of here.”

“Don’t call me that,” Jun said weakly.

“Climb on Chizuru,” said Tokito after he secured Jun on the back of his wyvern and got on her back himself. Holding on his hand, he pulled me up. “Try to make yourselves comfortable and remember to hold on tight.”

“You really have to hold on tight,” Kaoru advised behind me. “I almost got thrown off last time.”

“Here we go,” Tokito called up as slowly, the great beast took to the skies.

If only everything wasn’t going hellish I probably would have enjoyed my first flight on a wyvern. It was an amazing feeling, soaring over the rooftops like that. And the wind! It streamed past my face and almost made me laugh out loud. Perhaps the only thing that could have compared to it was sky diving.

As such, it was a pretty gloomy flight.

“I thought we couldn’t get hurt,” said Kaoru as she examined Jun. “What happened?”

“He took a blow meant for me,” I told her. “I owe him my life, well, sort of. I won’t forget that.”

“You heard that right Kaoru?” Jun chuckled weakly. “You’re my witness now.”

“Oh shut up,” I said as I hit him on the shoulder playfully. “You were probably thinking you wouldn’t get hurt so you had no worries at all right?”

“That was on my mind yes,” he admitted.


“But I saved you because you were my friend,” he continued. “That came first. Even if I did know I would get hurt, I still would have done the same thing.”

“You’re just saying that,” I said but I could feel my ears turning red. It really was pretty heroic of him to save me like that.

“I hate to interrupt what seems to be an important conversation,” said Tokito wryly. “But where exactly are we going?”

“Ask Kaoru,” I said. “That’s her specialty.”

“I think…” Kaoru started as she thought about it. “I think we should go to the castle. I saw everyone go in there and it would be a good place as any to hold our ground.”

“The castle it is,” said Tokito as he spurred his wyvern faster. “I hope they’ve had enough sense to close the drawbridge behind them.”

As I gazed down at the city below, the last of the defenders fell to the never ending onslaught of beasts. Now nothing stood between the monsters and the city. As I looked on, the first of the shops burned and the screams of the unlucky NPC’s who had no choice but to stay at their posts filled the twilight. It was horrible.

“Even if they closed it, would it hold?” I asked softly. Behind us, the sun started to set.


Done. See you at the next and last chapter.^^

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I like this ^-^ I haven't read the chapters before but I like this and i will be waiting for the next one~! ^-^

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