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09-16-2007, 03:25 PM

When i was young, and that was in the 80's :)
I saw a manga/anime movie. I do remember very few of it, but it was ****ing impressive.

Some points i do remember.

There was a boy, who received powers. That power he could only activate when he took a star shaped piece. That he threw in the air, and dropped on his forehead. Then he changed into a white (red) kind of robot.

I think there were some others with the same power, but only he could grow in size.

I have no clue, maybe you guys here.

Greetz from Holland

10-25-2007, 02:03 PM
Never heard of it... But I wasn't really into anime yet in the 80's. Heck I was just a kid back then. I was more into running outside and getting scrapes on my knees than watching TV.