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Here we are at chapter 6 and we're halfway to the end of my fan fic.Not that itl end by chapter 12.most probably itl either end 11 or if ive wrongly guessed how much more chapters i have, 22.kidding.i meant 13.


Panic gripped the streets. Everywhere, everyone was scrabbling to put as much distance as they could from the oncoming onslaught of monsters and beasts streaming in from what were once the city gates. NPC soldiers were doing their best to hold their ground but it wouldn’t be long from now before their lines would break and the creatures would have free rein over the city.

“The city’s surrounded,” Tokito shouted from somewhere above us. The moment the first of the monsters appeared he had already climbed back on his wyvern and took to the skies. “They’re trying to break down the south gate as well.”

“Where’s everyone?” I called up.

“Almost everyone’s running around wildly. There’s no direction at all.”

“Okay,” I took a deep breath. Looking at the others I said. “Looks like we’re going to be fighting a little earlier than expected. Jun, what do you think we should do?”

“You’re asking me?”

“You’re the best we have as an expert at this game.”

“Marie!” Kaoru suddenly blurted out. “Ask her. She should know what’s happening.”

“Good idea,” I said. Looking at my shoulder I called out her name. Seconds later the familiar pink smoke appeared and she was standing on my shoulder looking as happy as can be.

“You called?” She asked merrily.

“Yeah, we have a bit of a situation here,” I answered. Glancing at the others, I noticed that they also had their assistants standing on their shoulder. For Kaoru it was a young kid wearing glasses and a white polo shirt while on Jun, there was only a black swirling mist on his shoulder. If I focused hard enough I could just make out the faint outlines of a man wearing a cloak in it. “The city has been invaded by monsters.”

“The city guards will take care of any monsters that attempt to enter the city walls,” she chirped. “There is no fear from any monster attack in the city.”

From the distance something unearthly howled. I could detect a little hint of uncertainty in her voice as she continued. “Individual monsters are no match for the skilful city guards.” Another howl. This one was punctuated by a very human scream. “It… It can’t be…”

“Now that you’re convinced,” I said. “Perhaps you could help me now. What do I do in a monster attack?”

“Just…just do what players normally do when they see a monster,” she said, all trace of cheerfulness gone form her. It must be hard for a program like her to realize that what she had been programmed to know wasn’t true anymore. Probably kinda like waking up one day and looking up to see the sky green. “Attack if you know it’s weaker than you or try to evade it.”

“I don’t think we can evade them Chizuru,” Kaoru said beside me. “According to Tokito we’re surrounded. We can only fight. Problem is, I’ve been talking to Neil and he says I’m only good at strategies and finding the million to one chance. I can’t really fight.

“Who’s Neil?”

“My assistant,” she said, pointing at the guy at his shoulder. Neil gave a little wave. “He says the purpose of a calculator is to assist before a battle, giving strategies and stuff. He says my presence at any battle gives a morale boost to whichever side I’m on.”

“Then think Kaoru,” I said. “Think about what we have to do. You Jun, what does your assistant say about the subject?”

He looked at me and grinned. He looked like the happiest guy in the planet. “Guess what, I’m an assassin! How cool is that?”

“Focus Jun.”

“Oh, sorry,” he apologized. “I can definitely fight if that’s what you’re asking. Slade says I am a master at quick kills. So cool!”
“Okay, okay, that’s nice,” turning to Marie I asked. “What about me? What can I do?”

"You’re a charmer,” she answered, her attitude back to being cheerful again. “Simple spells, a lot of cunning and artfulness. Unfortunately, majority of what you can do are only illusions or, if not, only last for a few seconds. Unlike mages, you’re only support for the party. Of course, this means that you can provide support skills such as haste and stuff.”

“I see. I guess that suits me,” Looking up, I shouted. “Tokito! Get down here!”

As his wyvern dived I looked at the others. “Remember, this is just a game. We can’t get hurt and if we die I have a feeling we’ll just respawn somewhere again. That’s what happens with other games right?”

“With the games I play, yeah,” Jun answered.

“You called?” Tokito got down from his wyvern. “You know, I never realized how easy it is to scare everyone in our school senseless. Everyone’s just panicking. It’s not as if the monsters even made it past the guards yet.”

“It’s a very realistic video game,” said Kaoru. “You can’t blame them for panicking.”

“Care to show them how it’s done Tokito?” Jun grinned. “Turns out I’m an assassin and I’m itching to see what I can do.”

“Why not?” he answered. “What do you think girls?”

“I’m all for it,” I said. “What about you Kaoru?”

“It’s a game right?” she answered. “Let’s have some fun with it.”

“That’s decided then,” said Tokito as he turned to climb back on his wyvern. “Let’s go see the gates.”

“Wait,” Kaoru called out. “Let me ride with you. That way I can see what’s happening and come up with a strategy.”

“Hold tight then,” said Tokito as he helped her up. Let’s go guys.” With a flap of its huge wings they were airborne.

“How fast can you go Jun?” I asked him as I cast a haste spell on myself. “Think you can keep up?”

“You’ll be eating my dust Chizuru,” he said with a laugh.

“Want to race?” I asked playfully. “Let’s see how fast you are.”

I ran.

“Hey no fair!” he called from somewhere behind me. But I wasn’t going to stop. This is incredible! I must be going faster than a car. Shops and houses all flew past me in a blur and before I even really had a chance to test how fast I could go I was already at the gates.

A scene of carnage met my eyes. The huge steel enforced city gates were gone, ripped apart by a devastating force. From the opening all sorts of monsters were rushing in and already the ground were littered with the corpses of both humans and beasts. For a moment I was tempted to panic like everyone else. Then Jun arrived.

“That was cheating Chizuru,” he panted. Then he saw the ground. “Oh man, that’s disgusting. Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine,” I said although on the inside I really wanted to hurl. I know Suffix wanted to create a realistic game but this is too much.

“Chizuru!” Kaoru’s voice called up from above us. “You have to close off the gates somehow. That way we can rally the guards and organize a better defense.”

“That’s easier said than done Kaoru!” I called back.

“Watch out!” a guard suddenly shouted. A huge black dog managed to break through their line and it was running straight for me. In shock, I just stood there.

“Chizuru!” Jun yelled as he pushed me out of its path. As we both hit the ground I heard him cry out in pain and it was only when I slowly sat up that I saw what happened. The beast somehow managed to injure his left arm and already blood was leaking through his school uniform.

“Jun you idiot!” I said as I tried to think of what to do in the face of such a dreadful injury. My mind came up blank. “What did you do that for?”

He gave a weak chuckle. “I like you, you know that?”

I blushed. “You’re delirious from the pain Jun.” and then it hit me. “We’re not supposed to feel pain right? What’s happening here?”

“We’re in trouble now Princess,” he said with a smile then he fell limp.

“Jun!” I cried out. Focusing, I could hear him breathing, even though only faintly. He had just fallen unconscious from the pain. Then I heard the growl behind me. The beast was coming back for the kill.


That ends that.look out for chapter 7 probably...next week?ill have too see if i get homework or not.aaargh!back to school.^^

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lol Fun dialogue. This is turning into a very predictable direction. Gah, I feel like I'm ready 2 different stories with you. I can see why you lost the contest. While jumping back and forth is cool, I think you should only do so if Shuji is reading more of the manga or something. This just seems weird.

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I wanted to do that style before i entered the contest, but then when i finished it was more than the maximum number of pages.I had to cut out a lot of material just to get it in. I guess ive still got a long way to go as a writer, but ill keep trying to improve.thanks for all the tips.^^