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Note-This is my first time at this. Please dont hurt me to much! Haha! Just kidding. Be as tough as you want. I need to learn. ^_^ Hope you enjoy it! If you do, let me know cause I wanna continue.

"You just dont understand, do you!?!" shouted Terra.

"I dont need to understand! You were a mistake anyway!" shouted her drunken mother as she threw a dishtowel at her daughter and stormed away. The words stung like ice water but Terra didnt flinch. She had always made herself look so much stronger than she was. Terra quickly grabbed her napsack and shuffled out the door. Of course, it was just a average morning at the Piggott house.

As Terra slammed the door behind her, Devon rushed up to meet her, suprising her as he always did even though she knew he was there. He passed her an apple with a bite taken out of it as always and she dug in.

"I heard. What was it about it this morning?" asked Devon as she wiped a drop a juice from her chin.

"Something stupid about me not having any friends. She said I had no life and that she hated me and I told her you were my friend and Minn and Karra and Cherry and Hadeline, too, but she just said that I was a mistake and stormed off like always...." she said as tears built up in her eyes. Devon was the only one who knew about her life at home. He was her neighbor and her best friend. She trusted him with everything and he did the same with her.

He wrapped her arm around her shoulders and pulled her into a half hug. Because he was taller than she was, he had to lean over to do it and Terra couldn't help but feel a little weird. He had always been there for her and tried to comfort her all the time. She patted the arm on her shoulder, which he withdrew, and threw the apple core into a yard where it landed smack-dab in the middle of a patch of flowers. As they rounded two right turns and a left corner, they saw Karra waiting with Minn. They all waved and the two girls on the corner seemed to accumalate a look of understanding in their eyes. They didnt know the details, but they knew Terra's home life was hell for her. As they waited for the bus, they could just see Cherry trudging around the corner of the block with her face buried in a book and a hand in her long ponytail, twirling a piece with intense feirosity.

"She must have another teen drama," stated Minn with a blunt pop of a bubblegum bubble she had just blow. Karra and Devon both rolled their eyes as if to say 'What else is new?' and continued to take out their homework from last night to share anwsers, like they always did. When Cherry did finally reach them, her eyes were wide and her hand was still twirling her hair widely.

"Cherry?" tried Terra to see if she could snap her out of her trance. "CHERRY!" she tried again and Cherry jumped as if just realizing she wasnt alone. "What in the world are you reading thats got you so outed?" asked Terra though she already knew tha anwser.

"Just another teen drama but with a twist!" said Cherry, her soft, sweet ringing with excitement. "It's like what a teen drama would be like if the world was a fantasy! I cant seem to pull my eyes away!" she said as she quickly darted her eyes back to the page. After a second she slammed the book shut, set it carefully on the ground and did a cartwheel and a round off, like was her habit when she had a lot of energy inside from sitting around and reading so much. It was hard to beleive that she was such an atheletic girl when she always seemed to have her nose in a book.

When the van finally arrived, Devon and Karra had finished sharing anwsers and Cherry had resumed reading. They opened up the sliding back doors and stepped into the fifteen seater van where loud rock music blarred from. Cherry didnt even blink up from her book as Hadeline shouted over the drivers seat "Sorry I'm a little late!! Your instruments are where they always are!" just as Devon started feelin along the bottom of the seat cushions for the latch.

After he managed to get it open, Cherry finally put her book down and pulled her bass guitar from the built in wooden box under the cushions and Devon pulled his drums out. Karra grabbed her key board and her stand and started pulling them out to get Hadeline's guitar for her. It only took about fifteen minutes to reach the stage but it seemed like forever. When they finally reached it, they had all changed into their stage clothes. As they crawled out of the back of the van, they were greeted by their usual stage hands.

"Afternoon, everyone," said a man with ERICK name tag who was carring amps into the building. It was almost time to rock. As Terra stuffed the rest of the clothes they'd left in into her napsack, she gave a stretch. It was always so easy for her to get into the music when she had things on her mind. As they all muled around behind the stage, warming up and practicing, the people in the crowd talked and chattered so that all togerther they sounded like a swarm of bees.

"Hey hey! Sup, ya'll?! You ready for ta-nights crowd? S'the biggest ever!" said in a gril in tight pants and a jersey shirt.

"Hey Minn! Its really the biggest tonight?" asked Hadeline as she tuned her electric one last time.

"True, true!" said Minn with a smirk on her face. "Hurry up! I'm goin out to annouce you!" he said as Devon walked back behind the stage again after setting up his last drum. After that she grabbed a wireless mic and jogged out onto the the stage. "Yo yo yo! People in the crowd!" they heard her say before the crowd became to loud to hear anything. A knowing glance passed between them all as they heard one thing above the rest. "....a hand to Cat's Eye!" followed by a deafening roar before they put on their happy faces and jogged onto stage.

"Hello! Are ya'll ready to rock?" said Terra as she took her place at the head microphone. Now it was her turn. Now she could escape. Now she was free. And as the claps started to die out, she counted off and began to sing.

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I like where this is going.

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XD OH! I thougth they were off to school! hahaha

Well, I must say, I'm not altogether pleased to see that they are holding a concert at a time that cannot be too long away from morning. XD Seems odd to me. I don't think I'm ready to rock until after 6 pm.

How many people are in this band? I lost track damnit. Certainly not fifteen, I would have caught that. I think...five? Well, regardless, I am interested in seeing what you plan to do with your characters.

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Yes, its five people. Minn is just the dj. And the time is more around 5:30 in the afternoon but its not really like a concert concert. Its more of festival gig in town kinda thing. Do you really think her mom would be drunk before even noon? But thanks for pointing that out. I guess I did set it a little early. Thanks for the C&C.


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Well when you said "It was an average morning at the Piggott house", I assumed it was morning.

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Oops! I didnt catch that. I'm pretty sure I meant to put day. Sorry!