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Rasengan John
08-02-2007, 10:40 AM
Long after Harry had fallen asleep, Hedwig had already passed half the country and was now at the address Ms. Hermoine Granger. The snow-white owl swooped into a nearby window and quietly navigated it’s way to her room. Ever so gently, she pushed open the bedroom door and landed on the bed. Now Hermoine was still asleep and Hedwig was extremely tired, so without hesitation she pecked and pecked until the dirty blond haired girl woke up. At first the teen girl didn’t recognize the bird, but beyond further review, she saw it was only Harry’s owl Hedwig. “Hi Hedwig.” Smiled the girl, subsiding the covers off her upper body. The snow owl gave a simple screech and dropped one of the two letters she was carrying onto the girl’s pink and red quilt. Hermoine got up and grabbed the letter, turning on a lamp she sat at the round wooden table in her room. She then opened the letter and read. ”Be at my house around 8:30 AM” kept sticking out in her head. Turning her head to see the clock, it read 2: 33 AM. “OH MY!” Thought Hermoine. “It’s at least an 8 hour trip from here to there. “ Still in her pajama’s, she grabbed her coat and her wand. Trying not to wake anyone up, she quietly walked down the stairs, opened the door and ran outside. Parked outside was an old British punch buggy. Approaching the car, Hermoine pulled out her wand, waved it and then shouted “Expilicious Matronum!” Instantly, a green and yellow lighting bolt shot from the piece of wood and at the car. At first nothing happened but after a few seconds passed, the car started up and was ready to go.

Shocked that the spell had actually worked, the girl ran inside and woke up her mom. Though the mom and the girl needed to spruce up, they were both ready in a matter of minutes. Meanwhile, Hedwig was flying all the way across the country, only this time instead of going all 8 hours, she went 2 and then at the right moment she would burst threw the gate that divided the muggle world and the magical one. Once she was inside the Magical realm, the snow owl flew about 45 miles and reached her second and final target, the Weasley residence. Now again Hedwig was really tired so instead of personally delivering the letter, she dropped it in the mailbox and started her long journey back to Harry.

Harry awoke the next morning, he looked at his watch… 7:27 AM, then he looked at Hedwig who was sleeping in her cage, and then out the window at a beautiful Tuesdays sun. Harry got up, pushed his sheets to the side, and then stretched his arms as far as they could go. He then walked over to his dresser and picked up his glasses, randomly he looked at the letter from Hermoine, which he had gotten last night. He quickly read the letter and then remembered that he was going to Diagon Alley today. But if that wasn’t good enough, he was going with his friend; Hermoine. Harry rapidly got undressed and then threw on a clean shirt, pants, and socks. At last he was ready, all he needed now was for Uncle Vernon to unlock his door. He stood there waiting…and waiting….and waiting, until finally he got a feeling of anger inside him. He wasn’t really going to let Harry go, why would he? He was foolish to think that his Uncle would ever let him see his friends when most of the time he didn’t even want him writing to them. Harry then started to pace around his room mumbling curses under his breath. He looked at his clock, 8: 21 AM. Harry became infuriated, his good friend Hermoine was almost here and he wouldn’t even be there. What if his Aunt or Uncle said something like “wrong house”? It was obvious they didn’t want him to go, they never wanted to see him happy. In fact, they’d rather see him do chores or serve them hand and foot 24 hours a damn day! Harry looked at his clock again, 8:27 AM. “THAT’S IT!” Harry shouted as he pulled out his wand. Now technically Harry wasn’t allowed to do sorcery until he was 18, but seeing as Dumbledore was now the CEO of the “Ministry of Magic”, he was sure that he could pull some strings and get Harry out of trouble.

Pointing his wand at the door he shouted, “OPELLIN CHUMLO”! Instantly a crack of red shot from the wand and the door caught fire. Harry kicked it down and then stormed down the stairs. Vernon, who was in the kitchen helping himself to a donut and coffee heard the sound and jumped. “WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING!?” Bellowed the fat old man. “CERTAINLY NOT OUT WITH THOSE FREAKO FRIENDS OF YOURS!” Harry, who was already in a bad enough mood raised his wand and approached his uncle. “CALL THEM THAT AGAIN AND I’LL KILL YOU!!!” “Do you think I’m stupid boy?” Replied Vernon. “I know your not aloud to do magic out of school.” Harry squeezed his wand and then shoved it a micro inch away from Vernon’s neck. “Oh but I can…And I will!” Harry then withdrew his wand and walked back to the front door where he was awaiting the arrival of Hermoine and her mother. Fiddling with a piece of pocket lent, he heard a knock on the door. IT WAS HERMOINE! Harry immediately opened the door and became trapped in a tight hug! “HARRY!” Spoke the girl, a tear running down her cheek. “Let’s go!” Demanded the mother. “I don’t like the air in here.” She looked directly at Harry’s Uncle with such despise and hate.

“Fine, leave!” Screamed Vernon as they began walking out the door. “Have fun with that *****!” Harry immediately stopped; Hermoine and her mother watched him. Turning around he looked Vernon dead in the eyes and under his breath he spoke a horrible spell, one that only he, Hermoine, Ron, Sirius, Dumbledore, and Voldemort knew. As soon as he was done, a dark figure approached Vernon from behind. It immediately seized Vernon and started to strangle him. Vernon fought but to his dismay, it was a spirit that couldn’t be touched. Vernon’s face was turning redder and redder, and while this was happening Harry’s eyes were red and black. “HARRY STOP!” Pleaded Hermoine, grabbing Harry’s arm. But he didn’t, it was like he was releasing all the anger, hate, and abuse he had received over the life time of hell. “HARRY PLEASE!” Finally Harry stopped and the ghostly spirit disappeared. Vernon lay on the ground in complete shock. The 3 of them left but not before Harry turned around and looked at his Uncle Vernon. He lay there on the ground looking at Harry. He saw the fear in his Uncle’s eyes, he knew when he returned that there would be no problems except where he would be staying.

Harry got in the enchanted buggy and with a flick of a wand, the car lifted of the ground and flew high in the sky. At first the ride was steady and smooth, but when Hermoine looked at her watch, she showed it to her mom and then she spoke. “Buckle up!” As soon as this was said, the car jolted and sprung about 5 miles, then it increased its speed by about 80 MPH.

The whole ride was quiet, even when small questions would come up; they’d talk but then the conversation would quickly die.

Once arrived, Hermoine’s mom parked the car and tapped the bricks… right, left, center, right, center, center, left, top right, top left, top, bottom, right, left, left, top right, center. After she stopped tapping, the bricks moved and the entrance to Diagon alley was revealed. It was good they had a Gringots here or we would of never made it in time.

AUTHOR: Diagon Alley’s entrance closes at 12 PM on the dot.

Harry and Hermoine ran into the wide entrance and saw all the wonderful shops, and stores. For the two of them, it felt like Hogwarts all over again.

“HARRY!!!! HERMOINE!!!!” Called a familiar voice. As they turned around they saw no other than Ron.