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Darc Satos
07-17-2007, 04:25 PM
OMG fianally the 4th chapter Wh00t!! anyway its not that long. >_>

it was a silent but heart-pounding moment...As Darc waits there in silence ready to charge into battle... Usiegi charges into the battlefeild mounted on a black steed. Soon, hundreds of troops follow. Darc runs into battle with his sword held tight. Ready to take revenge for Kain...

" Darc do not falter! we can still win!" usiegi slahes away at the enemys hacking them to shreds. Darc pants, and manages to blurt "There are too many...we must retreat.." Darc hackes off a soldiers arm and blod splaters everywhere. -...Darc, Use you demo power...- Darc looks around but sees no-one there."...who said that?" ...-risite the words...damu,kenjin,saru,demois-...

"what the hell...?" Darc turns back around and sees hundreds of enemys chraging toward him, yelling at the top of there lungs. "Damn..its over...ive failed...forgive me kain..." ...-risite the words darc...and you will be saved-....
sudenly darcs hand begins to form a strange red aura. Darc sticks his hand out and looks at it."..Here goes nothing.." he ocwardly sticks his hand out and risites the words: " Damu..kenjin..saru..demois!" his whole body burts out with a red aura and envelopes a cricle of flame around him. A flamed dragon swirls around darcs body and then launches toward the troops. Seting them ablaze with a firey death. "What the hell...did i just do..." Darc feels weak and falls to his knees, feeling dizzy. " Damn...my power..." Usiegi rides up to Darc helping him up. "Darc are you ok..?" Darc looks around and sees the landscape is nothing but a wasteland of rock and fire. And pools of blood that seeped form the hundreds of soilders he has killed. "Did...i do that..?" Darc stands up straight and rubs his head. "Darc, we have won. But Gamon was not here. He must have ran when you killed that many soliders. I have not seen anything like it...You must be the son of the legendary Kenenstraim..."

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