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06-08-2007, 12:47 AM
Well, i've been doing GFX works for two years now, and my skill has increased dramatically over those past years. *opens new tab for photobucket* Time to post my works!

This is my most recent work; a Skeith set. I got back into the .hack series, so I made one. Kinda plain, but I still like it:


A pair of sets I made for my GF and I. I spelled 'beautiful' wrong in my sig! UGH:



My first works ever. One was made when I was really bored and the LightningClock sig was the begginning of the 'LightningSage' series. (Clock is weird, I know, right? But it was a for a club.):




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06-08-2007, 12:53 AM
LightningSage's GFX (Post Two)

The change in my GFXing began here, with the release of these two sets (NOTE: Homunculus and xXHomunculuSXx are other usernames of mine.):



The change in my GFX continued with this final namechange I did on one of the forums I go to:


This is a set I did for HopelessComposer on one of the forums I go to (FLCL, Naota):


After playing Kingdom Hearts I and II, I loved the series. So I made a set of Marluxia. (I spelled 'Assassin' wrong...):


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06-08-2007, 01:17 AM
LightningSage's GFX (Post Three)

I aboslutely LOVE this set! The theme matches it so well, and the font, and...I JUST LOVE IT! Too bad I made it for someone else... :( :


I did a sig of Roxas for Kurosaki Ichigo on another forum I go to. CHIBI STYLE! w00t:


I made a Xemnas set for Spartan on the same forum as Kurosaki Ichigo:


This is my Axel set I made:


(FINISHED...For now...)

Aura of the Twilight
06-11-2007, 04:34 PM
Okay your first four sigs posted, not to sound mean or anything but, they were horrid, it looks like all you did was put text on the picture and called it a sig, not to mentiong the quality for the pics are horrid.

The 5th and 6th items are a bit plain and seem empty but they aren't completely bad.

7 - 10 are okay but they all could use a lil more work.

Now I dig the Marluxia, 11th, sig mainly because I dig Marluxia, although it looks like you took an extraction of Marluxia and put it on a BG from Devil May Cry three and put words, blurry hard to read words at that, on it.

The ishika, 12th, is cute but that's it.

13 is cute and good but on the small side and a little plain with most of the BG.

The one of Xenmas is by far your bext, but the text is hard to read.

The Axel one yet again just looks like you added text to a picture and called it a sig.

Over I give you five pieces of advise for your over all style.

1: Use better quality images, and don't save in JPEG format, EVER, that just ruins the image!

2: Sigs look akward without a border. try adding borders to your sigs, they don't have to be fancy but just a line boxing in the sig.

3: Stick to one size area for your sigs. Some people like 400x150 some like 400x175 but most stick within the general area of 400x100 to 400x180, without varying in size too much in their sigs.

4: Use fonts that match the mood of the sig.

5: Use font colors that go with the sig but still stand out enough to be easy to read.

I hope you take my advice and I hope to see more sigs from you.


07-11-2007, 05:17 PM
Wow, i've never been judged like that before. @_@ It's alright, that's just the first comment where i've been told my GFX is bad. I'll try and improve on that. I get all my IMGs from google.

07-11-2007, 09:13 PM
I gotta agree everything with Aura here and then some. The truth is that you gotta improve by going through tuts throughout the internet. It will help you improve hell of allot better just like everyone else does.