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04-19-2007, 11:21 AM
i've played and completed the game F.E.A.R. - First Encounter Assult Recon. (Bit of a vocabulary magulation to get that acronym.)
Admittedly it had its Jump moments. especialy when Alma kept popping up on you. (I dont know how many clips of ammo i waisted on that girl.) :glare:
But i found the intensity more for the combat than any chill factor. i didn't really get into the creepyness until i was in the silo. after that i was like "what the hell am i still playing this game for. i should be under my bedsheet with a shotgun."
it gets to the point where you can't go on to meet the next horror but your adrennalin aint letting you stop. Death's bad, but logging out is worse.....( i think thay call that game addiction....)XP )
i loved the ending though.

(Warning spoilers)

After you make it out of the silo and you're in the warehouse with a hundread litres of adrenaline still pumping through you, the ground explodes and your first reaction is a proccess left over from your last five minutes.....run the hell away. and try to jump over the fence as the comcrete shockwave bears down on you.
afterwards. in the chopper you're finaly feeling the shakes as you're coming down off your adrenalin high and for one last jump Alma latches onto the side of the chopper. if your looking at the door when this happens you'll mess your pants......trust me.
and then you realzed its three AM, all your lights ar off and you dont want to walk the two mteres to the light switch.

Suggested play environments:
anyhting less tha 5.1 and your missing 80% of the atmosphere. if you cant hear where its coming from the shock factor don't work.
off. belive me. If you dont like the dark than there is no way you should be playing this game. for eye-strain purposes turn on a light in another room and leave the door open.
Don't play this tired, or exhausted. even though this conditionn adds to the psycosis of the game the after effects of play are not pretty. you won't handle the adrenalin too well and nightmares are on the cards, since the part of your brain you use when you tired is closely linked to your subconcious.
get yourself a nostrum 52F. all those extra keys you can't normally reach on your keyboard in a hurry are essential to survival.

please add any comments, helpful hints or reminicences.

04-19-2007, 01:21 PM
i was playing this at home, at night, alone, with surround sound headphones on. trust me, it can mess with ya ^^;
the AI is nice too, to bad they yell out what they're trying to do alot :P
it's a great game, but not the easyest of shooters out right now.
as to not spoil to much, i'll just say my fav part was a moment in a little hallway where you get messed with a bit (think blood, lots of it, then ya might know the moment i mean ^^ )

we really need more games like this.

04-29-2007, 04:20 PM
F.E.A.R is an awesome game.
The storyline can be quite confusing to understand at first I started to understand when I put everything up to max.

I played the game with only 20 FPS, no shadows, bad speakers and a big old monitor. But I've played it with 90 FPS, full range graphics card.. with Anti-aliasing set to max. Shadows, effects to full.

I noticed things more when you turn effects and shadows up more.
(note: try the benchmark in the performance area)

I also found 2nd time playing. At the start where your in the first building (no shooting), theres a door that doesn't open properly but will let you open it.
If you keep trying, you go into a scene with Alma (and this is before the crew gets killed)

The Blue Baron
04-29-2007, 08:49 PM
No i don't think it is as good as people say it was i tried it and thought hmm..this was ok but not what i thought...........

04-30-2007, 03:02 PM
Its a freakin awsome game..... Creapy little girl thats all i can say... I mean I randomly went up a ladder and she was waiting for me..... the doors slam behind you boxs randomly move... its just wow!!! Scared me the first 10 mins lol!