View Full Version : ultima X - where is it.

04-19-2007, 10:56 AM
in 1998 origin released a game call ultima IX-Assention. hailed as the buggiest game ever. it still holds that crown ( but not by much :D)
a few years ago there was talk about relaesting an Ultima X. which, of all things, would be an MMORPG...read Ultima online 2.0. this was plugged shortly after, thank goodness.
Looking back, the ultima series was the birth of the RPG on the PC plus it set the cornerstone for FPS-RPG formats like elderscroll with its underworld series.
it is kind of sad that it died wasting away, rather than in a blaze of glory like such a great series should.
this post is for reminising about the good old days. of the solaria series, or the avatar saga, or even the guardian series. see if you even remember the origional lord british game "Akalabeth"
if you can't then comment on whether there should be a fourth Ultima trilogy I.e X, XI & XII. and how you think they shoud go.