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04-17-2007, 11:50 AM
1-For how long have you been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG?
2-When you first decided to play and get your first card,were you dissapointed?
3-Amongst your friends,how good actually are you?(rate yourself 1-10,and please tell truth-cuz my friends like to say they are best)
4-do you play for fun or some higher goals(money,bets etc.)?
5-And finally,do you follow and respect list of forbidden cards?
6-Now,to close questioning,do you buy cards not watching if they are fake,or you're searching for originals?
7-Last question,for real-your deck is based on...?(fire monsters,warrior,dragon etc.)

Now,I dont believe many will post here,but I'll start:

1-I've been playing game for around 3-4 years...
2-Actually yes...My very first deck I bought(my first card was Dark Magician Girl-not dissapointed,but since I got it from friend,I dont count that in)was pretty lame,and after that I realised it was fake...Lol,back then I had no knowledge about what's original and what's not...
3-Amongst my friends...Well,I'm pretty good,but I'd rate myself 8 or 9...Since there is only one girl that can beat me...
4-We play only for fun...When I play with that girl,one match can last even longer than 1 hour!!!I remember last time,we played after I got some new cards,and it was one duel(not match)that was around 50 minutes long(I know cuz one friend was watching on clock)^^
5-Yup...I'm respecting list of forbidden cards(but there are exceptions,when friends asks me to put my Envoys in my deck)...
6-I'm looking only for originals...I hate fake cards! >.<
7-Oh,I had no deck based on anything...But now,I have few decks,my favorite is based on dark type monsters(zombie,spelcaster etc.),second favorite is warrior deck(cuz warriors are best for fast defeat and they have awesome effects),and finally,third best is dragon deck(cuz I love dragons)...To bad dragon deck is quite lame,I'm using it only for begginers*sigh*

04-17-2007, 04:12 PM
1- Not Too long like 3 weeks
2- just the deck it was a bit weak
3- 5/10
4- For Fun and beat all xD
5- of course <_< I find it kinda Cute =3 because it makes the game a bit hard
6-Originals FTW
7- My Deck is a Warrior type but I wanna make a Spellcaster/Warrior Deck

04-17-2007, 08:39 PM
1. I stoped playing about like err 2-3 years ago still kinda draws me back when im bored though...
2. my 1st card was dark magician i cant say i was disapointed since its my first and i really didnt know much about it.
3.i was 8/10 i wasent so shabby in my region...
4. depends i normally play for fun but if i can win money that wouldent be so bad.
5. huh? as long as it works its fine to me
6. Im an all out warrior person, (maur.. deck) all 4 stars and below, not the best but i can live with low lvl mass summons and remove out of play deck..

04-17-2007, 09:01 PM

1-about a 2 or 3 years
2-yes becuase my first card was was in a pack and the holographic one was like a lamb but... i dont really count that one but my card i like to consider my first card is dark magician
3-well im pretty good around 8 maybe somtimes 9 there is only like 3 peepsthat can beet me(and sometimes i beat them)
4-i only play for cards or money etc. when i want the card or want to buy a pack but i usally play for fun
5-ppppsssshhhh... no becuase they makes my chances of winning less
but i dont even that many forbidden cards only like 3 ones a fusion(that i dont have the fushoins for)
6-i i only trade for fakes on a certain type of occasion like this one machine obesed kid wanted this machine i had and said for what and he showed me a fake exodia and i took it and traded his little brother(with lots of good rares)
7-well i just disemebled my last deck and sorted threw all my cards
so i just plan to make an elementel hero/destiney hero and a fairy/spellcaster deck
which is sorta oppsite i used to have fairy/destiney hero and spleecatser/elemental hero

04-18-2007, 02:06 AM
1-I have been playing five or six years, shortly after it first came out.
2-Heck no, I love Hibikme, and not too long after that I developed a deck that now looks almost nothing like it used to, but is the same in spirit.
3-Can't say, really. We all win or lose pretty evenly against one another. Though I do think one friend of mine and I are better overall, since we can actually make competitive decks without spending a ton of cash buying cards.(Our decks are both almost entirely commons, while most people have all these cards they traded/spent money on.)
4-Mostly fun, but every so often if some random punk is too loud I'll play them for their deck which I promptly raid and then destroy in front of them.
5-I try, but since I'm somewhat of a duel hermit I'm often going by outdated ban lists.
6-I only want the real deal, both out of respect for the company and in the event I decide to wander into a tournament.
7-Although it only contains, like, 11 monsters, they're predominantly Machines. I did once have a fire deck(before the structure came out, afterwards it got boring), and once Force of the Breaker comes out in a month or two I'll be building a new fire deck.

05-02-2007, 04:19 PM
1-I started years ago, but when most people I know lost intrest it died out a bit for a couple of years, but in February I got back into it and got some other dudes back into it too.
2-Not really no, my first card was Dark Magician and I still have it, ain't tradin' him, no way.
3-8/10 I don't like sounding big-headed, but I am much better than the people I actually know and see often. I am basing this morely on knowing the fine rules and having a dictionary of cards in my head, though I do win the majority of duels against them too.
4-I play for fun, but I do enter tournaments and competitions when I can.
5-Yes, I play Advanced Format in every duel.
6-I make sure they are authentic, I won't buy a card(s) if it doesn't claim to be authentic, coz if it isn't you can't complain.
7-My main deck is based on the VWXYZ cards. They aren't the strongest cards ever, but I love 'em and that's why I use them (plus it's good working on making weaker cards stronger).
I also have a Fire deck and an Exodia deck and I am currently planning more.

Tempest Wind
06-06-2007, 04:42 PM
1.Ive been playing for like half a month now
2.I wasnt really dissapointed, mainly because the first card I got was the only card I had for like 2 weeks (It was a mystic elf)
3.2/10,because all of my friends are all pros <.<
4.Eh, I just play for fun.
6.I dont really use any fakes.
7.My 1st deck was a Dragon, and I just now made a Warrior.

shane the ninja
06-18-2007, 02:43 PM
in response to the saibot girl/boy i have taken matters into my hands and designed you a spellcaster/magician deck