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02-25-2007, 04:38 AM
I watched an anime many years ago, probably between 1989-1995 in my country, so it must be made before 95. i just remember a few scenes form this anime, but it was charming.
There was a kind of village. And our plot was a young couple who is probably newly married. They were happy.
And there comes invaders, probably from space or smthng, and they try to take people to their side, and kill them by time. After some one dies, he/she becomes a kind of bird and flies away.
Our main character (man) falls in love with the queen of invaders, then he leaves his wife, after some time spending with the queen , he understands the real ai of invaders, then he comes back to home. His wife wqas waiting for him , but sudddenly she becomes a bird and flies away..
thats all i can remember about this anime. i still like the story...so anyone can help me? anyone has seen this anime?..i need "the name of the anime"..
pls help me.