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01-19-2007, 07:19 PM
Way to many people like to tell me that eva is way too complicated for them. Yet these exact same people like to say how much they love last nights episode of ghost in the shell which obviously has more technical terms than eva. What im getting at is this, watch a show if you like it but if you dont pleas dont bad mouth the show.

01-19-2007, 08:04 PM
Nah, really. This is the same deal with most shows.

People mostly complain about the show if they don't really understand. People pretend to, and most people do understand the very first layer, but MANY do miss many of the other layers, thus not understanding which leads them to bad mouthing or pulling the anime down.

Yes, Evangelion might be complicated after watching it once, but do try to watch it several times. Once you re-watch it, you will see how much you've actually missed, and then start to think. That's an "Aha!" experience.

Ghost in The Shell wasn't by far as complex as Evangelion, but there is the same problem. People only look at the first layer of the anime.

Technical terms does not really have anything to do with understanding the anime. It's mostly about themselves, about their ability to understand and decode.

Sure, I can badmouth Evangelion. True, there are some parts of the anime that is just plain stupid. Take Shinji as an example. He's a wuss, everyone knows. But he's also a lunatic. Sure, everyone knows. Now, take a look at his inner self. I don't see no wuss, I don't see no lunatic. Just a person who wants to prove something. What that is, kind of depends on what you want to create out of it. Many of the characters got a subjective level of being.

Confusing, huh? Thought so.

Hell, I've seen straight forward -SMART- people try to watch the anime and not understand crap, and straight forward -STUPID- people watching, and getting it all only by watching it once.

Anyway, people do not badmouth the anime because they think it's poorly made (some do, though) or because of the plot. Most people do because they can't understand the show.

Think about it. =)