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12-08-2006, 12:38 PM
This forum is for Inuyasha topics ONLY. The rules are:

1. DONT SPAM! Spam includes: double or mulitple posting, posting off topic, and one word posts. Spam and I will hurt you!

2. Dont Flame. Theres no need to insult someone because they disagree with you. Flaming also leads to flame wars...which then leads to Spam...and now you've broken two rules. So just dont do it. Respect each other.

3. No cursing!!!!! This is a big no-no. A very big no-no. Censoring your curses is also a big no-no. Remember, we have a lot of younger members here, and they shouldnt have to be exposed to foul language here. We want this to be clean fun!

4. Feudal threads only. Dont post Sailor Moon in here...it just doesnt belong.

5. No VS threads. Thier annyoing and pointless. So, no Naurto VS Inuyasha. Want to post a VS thread? Then take it to General Anime and Manga. This includes 'Who should Inuyasha be with? Kikyo or Kagome?' Its more or less a VS thread

6. No 'who would you marry?' 'who do you think is cutest?' threads. Again, they're annoying and pointless.

7. No pairing threads. Agian, their annoying and pointless

8. No posting or linking to videos. People have dial-up...and linking is advertising...which is also against the rules..

9. No quizes.
10. With favorite/least favorite threads, post WHY you like/dislike that character. Memeber who fail to do so will have their post deleted. If I see mulitple memebers doing it, then the thread get closed.

11. Use the search!! Want to start a thread? Use the search and make sure theres isnt already a thread on it. Youd be doing me a great favor by doing so.

12. Have fun! Or else <3