View Full Version : help i need help finding an anime

12-03-2006, 10:26 PM
im new to the site but im trying to find an anime. i dont remember what year it came out but i do remember a bit about a few of the episodes. what im looking for is the name.

I remember the main characters dad is an alien and when he left earth his friedn stayed behind and has a job as a cop or sheriff or something. whenever the aliens look into another aliens eyes they eyes shift and change and then change back. he also recieved a glove from his dads friend that has some power. if anyone but his father bloodline put the glove on it crushes their hand and this happens in one of the episodes to some other crazy character also when the anime truly beginas after his father has left the orb given to his mother by his father starts glowing and his house dissapears. the last episode i managed to catch was when the main character along with some other characters go to the moon to stop some meteors that are being lauched from the dark side of the moon. thats about all i remember from this anime plz im begging you if anyone know the name of this anime im saying it again im begging you plz tell me ive been looking for this anime for over a year.