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Adam Harwell
08-08-2006, 06:22 PM
i think this anime realy isnt a sci-fi but is a love story, however the creator wentfor a sci-fi feel so to avoid an altercation i'll psot it here

you've all seen the Abh princess i hope she's staring me down right now on the top of the forum page, and i'm googoo eyed and drooling back at her

Lafiel and Jinto are my fav anime chara of the sci-fi genre

Jinto especially cause he looks jsut like me as an anime chara without my glasses

and Lafiel due to her very well balanced personality thats a fusion of action, seriousness, modesty, honesty and so forth

perosnally i havent seen more than all of CTS & two eps of BTS1 but i hope soon i can see BTS2 and also hope i can get soem kool pic of Lafiel for a forum i wanna make like the pic thats up top -- i'd love to have it for my forum and as far as Jinto goes, he's almost jsut like me, if i were in an alien environment, and the one i was always confronted with was a blue haired princess, i'd react just like he does, but the one thing that sepreates me an Jinto is his slow-to-comprehend mind it takes me an instant to see what people are saying, as for Jinto you might have to wait a few seconds to get a direct reply, but not always

so what do y'all think of the anime?

i think it's awesome

Hitsugaya Toushiro
08-08-2006, 06:39 PM
I have seen both Crest of the Stars and Banner of the Stars more than once. I am looking forward to seeing Banner of the Stars II.

Jinto is my favorite character since he can be ignorant sometimes. Also very kind at othe moments throughout the series.

This anime is Sci-Fi in many ways, though I'm not big on Sci-Fi I actually took this one into consideration and became attached to it. I'm slowly developing the collection, starting with DVDs and mildly hitting the manga.

Adam Harwell
08-08-2006, 06:49 PM
it may be Sci-fi overall, but if you listen to the charas of Lafiel and into talk in the chara developement type scenes you easily get hooked, and if youre like me, then you feel the love-story energy flowing out of it, and the koolest part is this

They have the best technology i've seen and is the only anime i've heard of at all that they use Anti-Matter fuel, i'm sure other anime do to but i havent seen any

and i guarantee it, Jitno looks jsut liek me

in fact i'd love an avi of Jinto but i cant find a good one

but any how it is a god animE i love it and i'm not one for alien-based anime but i find myself loving the alien chara due to their hair color and then getitng to knoW them form there

Hitsugaya Toushiro
08-08-2006, 06:53 PM
It's kind of funny. I use to watch Unleased on G4 Tech TV and various other game shows. Once they aired Crest of the Stars I began to watch it. The very first time it had me thinking about the series.

It does dissapoint me that they don't show anime anymore, oh well.

Jinto has a unique personality that sets him off from all the other characters, I can't quite name it but it's just something I like.

Lafiel is okay though I don't like her sudden out bursts of anger toward Jinto for being unaware of the current situation. I like plently of other characters but the author gives them such long names its hard for me to remember any other but the main characters.

Sad I know.

Adam Harwell
08-08-2006, 07:03 PM
jinto's main trait is modesty

as is mine

he's on the hgiher level of it though, it merely means he may want soemthing like say to be witha girl, but he wont boast his feleings cuase he doens twanna sound egotistic

i may hav ebaosted about liking lafiel, but as i jsut said, jinto's modesty outweighs mine, but in modesty there are sub-divisions, jintos is the "i'll allow contact but i'l shell myself away form you" type and mine is the "dont touch me, but i'll talk to you" kind...thats about the one underseen thing about jinto, ad i dont say thats a differnce in me and him due to it not being much different between us

but hoenstly i'd love to be a chara in this anime, one of whom is close to Lafiel, but i'd be a human chara

the Abhs would be my side in the war thoguh, and i'd dye my hair to match theirs and i'd strive to be a ship captian for their army, captian of, hmm...maybe a patrol ship, mine'd look like the Gosroth but with blue armor instead

you know i might just make an RP about this

but hoenstly, Jinto is my Anime Avatar -- HE'S ME in anime so i love him form a familiarity sense of love, but still and he has the most beautful elf for an assumed GF i have ever seen in anime

09-23-2006, 08:01 AM
Banner of the stars is the continuation? i just thought it was an alternate title!

*scrounges for torrent*