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07-03-2006, 11:45 AM
It's finally the time for the anual AF/AG.net Sig master contest. If I'm correct it has passed exactly 1 year since the last one, we should make this more frequent (at least twice a year ^_^).

So, wanna prove that you're the best sig maker, wanna beat the last year sig master (which is btw me), now is your time, lets have a sig showdown contest!!

The contest will run in 2 parts:

in the 1st part there aren't any specific rules on what to use and what to make in the sig, except it being anime/game related (it's your free choice).
the finalist (around 5-10 people) will enter the finals, Then you will have to folow the specific rules (still dunno what, will discuss in this thread)

The rules are simple:

the contest IS ANONYMOUS, so no names, don't let anyone know your work, we don't want a popularity contest.
sig must be max 500px in width and 160px in height!
NO ANIMATION this time! We have to make it fair for everyone, so there wont be any excuses like "animation makes it win for sure" ... so, please no gifs (even tho a gif is without an animation, I wont accept it)
max sig size is 512kB
accepted formats jpg and png (as I said before, no gifs ... want something transparent ... use png, png supports alpha channels, even better than gif).
By enterenting this contest you agree that your sig can be added on www.animegalleries.net Signature gallery, and used for any kind of promoting the site. So you MUST add the "www.animegalleries.net" link somewhere on it, visible, not too big, just that it's readable.
the contest can eneter anyone ... i repeat ANYONE (don't care if you're white, black, yellow, green, purple or even transparent). Also admins can enter, and since the contest is anonymous, noone will vote the artist, but only the sig. Let me warn you, I may also enter the contest!
of course, no hentai images are alowed.
let it be your own work! No ripping others sigs/wallpapers
submiting will be done via PM, when you finish your sig, send it via PM to me. Don't worry if you sent it too early, you can correct the sig till the final date, and resend me. The last version will count!
the deadline is two (2) weeks after today (17th July, 2006).
voting will be public, you'll notice a thread for that after the 1st part of the contest ends.

Now, let me repeat the most important stuff: NO ANIMATION, the contest IS ANONYMOUS, limit is 500x160 @ 512kB, add the "www.animegalleries.net" text on it, no hentai, let it be your own work ... that's all, and good luck everyone!

Discuss thread:

07-18-2006, 04:00 AM
The contest just entered in the next stage ... the voting ... all the signatures can be found here: http://animeforum.com/showthread.php?p=1370677