View Full Version : why is rei with kira??

<---\!YUKI IS MINE!/--->
05-14-2006, 12:17 PM
in the manga "mars" rei and kira are a couple i dnt understand why he doesnt deserve her. anyone whos seen it tell me if you agree!

Die Tod von Euch
06-06-2006, 04:06 PM
He's with her because she's different from other girls. He's tired of fooling around with girls that just want him for his body. Kira's more...real. He actually gets to know her, and falls in love with her. In turn, Kira falls in love with him because he's just the kind of man she needs to help get her out of her shell. He's outgoing, kind, loyal, and protective. He was able to build confidence in her and she grew to have more strength because of him. They helped each other grow stronger, actually.

The relationship illustrated in Mars is far more real than in many other romance manga and anime. I was incredibly impressed. If you don't understand the relationship, then perhaps it's simply a case of naivete. Maybe you'll get it when you're older.